[Closed Species, Interest Check] Nebulitas

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So this is my first time doing something like this and I thought, I'm going to take two things that I really like, galaxies and lolita clothing, and find a way to combine them. 

Thus, Nebulitas.


                                                                                                                                             (Base by: IriskaArt )

This is a basic concept for a common Nebulita. They will be available with or without hair (Some Nebulitas are very proud of their markings and would rather be bald to show them off. :3), this one was just done to give a basic idea for the race.

Lore: Whenever someone wishes upon a star, that wish births a Nebulita. Made from the Heavens themselves, Nebulitas are happy, bouncy, energetic beings. They are an all female race, which is fine since they're born from wishes. They're very social, sometimes forming social circles they refer to as "sisterhoods". They have no need to eat or drink, but they do like to travel throughout the galaxy and sightsee. Their favorite place is Earth, where they picked up their love for lolita fashion. In summary, Nebulitas are a happy, peaceful race that roam around the universe, taking in sights and finding new friends. Sometimes even newborn sisters.

Types and traits:

Common: Nebulitas of this type usually display -

  • Skin: Common Nebulitas have either solid pastel skin or galaxy colored skin. Some have constellation body markings while others don't.
  • Rings: All Nebulitas have rings around their head, wrists and ankles, except for Rare Nebulitas. Common Neublitas's rings are a solid color.
  • Hair: Some Nebulitas have hair and others don't. Usually the ones with the most complex body markings shed their hair in order to flaunt them.
  • Ears: All Nebulitas have stars for ears. Common Nebulitas's ears are a solid color.
  • Eyes: Common Nebulitas can have either solid pastel colored eyes or gradated ones, with a black, circular pupil much like humans.
  • Clothing: Common Nebulitas generally prefer a more classic, understated look.
Uncommon: Nebulitas of this type usually display -

  • Skin: Uncommon Nebulitas have the same solid pastel or galaxy skin as their Common sisters, but they're a bit more transparent and shimmery. Their body markings, if present, may also be more intricate, and sometime even golden in color.
  • Rings: Uncommon Nebulitas have rings of multiple colors, sometimes even rainbows.
  • Hair: Same as Common.
  • Ears: Uncommon Nebulitas may have ears of multiple colors and sometimes adorn them with decorations.
  • Eyes: Uncommon Nebulitas can have either solid pastel eyes or gradated ones. They also have a black pupil, but it is star shaped.
  • Clothing: Uncommon Nebulitas prefer clothes with a little more going on. More ruffles and bows and more accessories.
Rare: Nebulitas of this type usually display - 

  • Skin: Rare Nebulitas have the same solid pastel or galaxy skin, and they're transparent and shimmery like their Uncommon sisters, but their legs are just clouds of cosmic dust. Their body markings, if present, can be intricate and golden in color, but they also seem to give off a faint glow.
  • Rings: Since Rare Nebulitas have stardust for legs, they have no rings around their ankles. But around their head and wrists, the rings are usually multiple colors and sometimes have meteors or small planets in their orbit.
  • Hair: Same as Common and Uncommon.
  • Ears: Rare Nebulitas may have ears of multiple colors. They often adorn them with the most intricate decorations or piercings.
  • Eyes: Rare Nebulitas can have either solid pastel eyes or gradated ones, but they are pupilless with only the smallest hint of where a pupil should even be.
  • Clothing: Rare Nebulitas love ruffles and ribbons and patterns and accessories. They're the fashionistas of their kind.
Supernova: Sometimes a person may wish for something terrible. A disaster to befall an enemy. Misfortune towards someone they're competing with in work or school. When these sorts of things are wished for, the resulting Nebulita is called a "Supernova Nebulita." However, unlike their namesake, they tend to be darker.

Nebulitas of this type usually display-

  • Skin: Supernova Nebulitas have dark skin and can have traits similar to any of the other types.
  • Rings: The Supernova Nebulitas's rings are much darker in color and can have traits similar to any of the other types.
  • Hair: Supernova Nebulitas always have hair, sometimes with intricate hair accessories.
  • Ears: Supernova Nebulitas's ears are usually darker colors, sometimes even almost black. They adorn them with a multitude of piercings and/or decorations.
  • Eyes: Supernova Nebulitas can have either solid, usually dark eyes or gradated ones. They share pupil traits with all their sisters.
  • Clothing: Supernova Nebulitas prefer dark clothing with lots of lace, ribbons, and accessories.
Well, this is what I've got. Please let me know what you think, if you'd be interested, etc. <3

I'm really interested in this! They look super cute.

Thank you very much. ^_^ I'm so glad to hear it.