Possible CS/OS—Borramors! Pls Vote in my poll

Posted 5 months, 8 days ago (Edited 5 months, 8 days ago) by Saltminer

y’all interested in this weird capybara

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Okay so, I’ve had this idea for species for awhile now and now I’m finally bringing it together!!

Here are some visual examples: https://toyhou.se/Saltminer/characters/folder:655794

Borramors are fictional creatures that originated in my little “unusualverse” and can be born and bred with a variety of genetic mixes depending on where and when they were born. They are creatures that, at their base, resemble capybaras with a more rounded snoot. They can be both bipedal and quadrupedal. An example of a bipedal one is my girl Ronniehere, quadrupedal ones basically look like her but. On all fours. all the other borramors in my folder are quadrupedal.

They can have a variety of fun genetic variations such as tails, no tails, longer or shorter fur, baldness, permanently shut eyes, horns, hooves, different fur pigmentations, magical abilities, webbed fingers and toes, different cognitive abilities, access to demon realms, varied ear types, importance to plot, irrevocable accessories, thirst for possession and murderous vengeance, patterns on skin/fur, etc. :D

Borramors are very versatile creatures who can become anything you want to mold them into! The only limitations that the species faces are: no bright neon colors, no OP godlike statuses, no preexisting brands or characters can be turned into borramors.

If you would like to create one, just give me the idea of what you’re thinking, maybe a quick sketch if you want, and I will confirm or deny this creatures existence!

A loveable creature that is more than it seems! They aren’t called Borra-MORES for nothing!


oo heck very cute,, I mighttt wait until I see what other people’s look like but I’d absolutely love to make a tall kiddo kinda based on a v pastel rainbow? Just kinda happy n eats Too Much Candy cause candy is good and how do people not constantly eat too much candy let’s be honest here idk if that’d be ok but mann those are the feels I’m feelin wow I sound like a weirdo sugar hippie rn I apologize


owlprince no that sounds great! Just as long as you have reasons as to why the Borramor looks like that then you’re in the clear. I’d love to see em once you’re done!


Does this work? ;u; 11653002_0o65fbPUiqGNQvV.png

Figured he might be from a tundra-y area where being taller would help reach stuff, be able to see through tall grass, etc. not so sure about the rainbow-y pattern, maybe he was bred that way or a hybrid or lucky chance? But he loves skittles and is afraid of everything,, 


owlprince he looks fantastic!! What a lovely boy!!