[OPEN] Ludenberg's Art and Design Commissions!

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Ludenberg (ActualTsareena)'s Art and Design Commission Thread
Current Status: OPEN!
Prices and Info - Queue - Social Links
[The best way to contact me for a commission is via private message here on Toyhou.se or my Twitter!]

Below are some examples of what I offer (Art Commissions Only). For the full list of what I offer as well as more examples, Design Commission info, and my terms of service, click the "Prices and Info" link above.

I accept payment via Paypal Invoice only (USD).

Icons ($10, $12 Shaded)

Fullbodies ($15, $20 Cel-Shaded)

Complex Shading ($30, $40 with detailed background)

Paper Cut-Out Style Art ($30)


If you are interested in commissioning me, simply send me a private message via Deviantart, Discord, Toyhouse, or Twitter (Toyhouse or Twitter preferred for fastest response) with the details of your commission. To make things as swift as possible, I recommend including the following in your initial message.
- Commission Type
- Character Reference
- Your email that you would like to receive the invoice at
- Any additional details of your commission

Once I have sent the invoice and you have paid, you will receive a sketch of your commission before the final artwork is done. Here, you are able to request any changes and give feedback.

Below is a list of what I do and do not feel comfortable drawing.

  • Furry/Anthro Characters
  • Characters from Established Media
  • Humans/Humanoids
  • Characters from a text description
  • Fan Characters
  • Pornographic Content
  • Fetish Art or Characters
  • Heavy Gore

I look forward to taking on your commissions! Please, if you have any further questions feel free to DM me or ask in this thread. If you do commission me, feedback/reviews on this thread are greatly appreciated. Thank you for viewing!