LF: OC Art Or AT

Posted 6 months, 30 days ago (Edited 1 month, 2 days ago) by Storm38

I have no money to do commissions at the moment so I'm looking for people who would be willing to do requests. I'm also up for an art trade if you have simple MLP oc's (That strictly follow canon show rules) humans, and furries (Canine and domestic cat only please)
I probably won't to anthros until I get better at them though
Link: My OC's
If you post the request on Deviantart please tag me Stormie38
Also if you're interested in an art trade for a pony/human here's example of my art: http://stormie38.deviantart.com/
(The one's I want drawn the most are TangleTalonJazzStormLukeShirotsuBrunoEkoAri and Lucas  preferably together. MintyheartVanilla Swirl, and Blaze Burner)

I have pony OCs, I would be willing to draw you pony OCs for pony OCs in an art trade

Urocyonfox It'd really depend on what they look like. I get picky when I draw pony oc's

My ponies are Sky-pin http://toyhou.se/762606.sky-pin and FlutterDie http://toyhou.se/763153.flutterdie if you were interested in drawing either of them (or both) we could draw pony OCs for each other. Just let me know.

If I were to draw something for you would you be willing to draw a headshot of my fursona like the one you have on DA?

Little_Rascle Like this one? https://stormie38.deviantart.com/art/Fursona-Bust-709848292

If so than yeah. But keep in mind I can only really do canines and cats. I haven't experimented with animals much.

Yes like that one. And she is a cat. :)

I will draw yours first so I can do it at my pace. I draw randomly. Either way who should I draw for you?


I'm guessing the one that's your profile pic?
And who to draw... hmm...
If you prefer humans than https://toyhou.se/932936.lucas
If you prefer Ponies than https://toyhou.se/932854.blaze-burner
Or if you prefer furries than https://toyhou.se/1221676.bark or https://toyhou.se/1242427.dax

Sorry it's really hard for me to choose with so many XD


Yes. There is more pictures of her on my profile. Also drawing her feral is fine. :)

I will probably draw lucas or one of your furry characters. It will probably be a headshot or chibi. Is that okay?

Also I want to mention once more to please let me finish your piece first. I dont want you to finish mine and then I never get to yours...

Little_Rascle Yeah that's fine! Whichever you decide I'll do the same!

And alright I'll wait until you finish your part. ^w^

I'm sorry but like in the original post I have no money...

Hello, if you're still open for art trades, I would love to do one or two with you! I have a new child that needs art, and a main oc I'd love more art of.



Ereth2 I could do a bust for Winchester?

You can draw any one of these https://toyhou.se/Storm38/characters/folder:all/tags:1/tagged:draw