$1 YCH Box Chibis

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uh uh
my friend is super shy, but her art is super good
so I'm gonna help her sell it

@Elluh is making cute chibis of your characters poking out of boxes.
They will come fully colored, and you can change what's written on the box.
Images will come 600x600 unless asked otherwise.

ALL FOR $1!*

*Substituting crates for boxes or adding anything other than text to the box will be an extra dollar. Blinking animations are also available for an extra dollar. Paypal only.

Turnout is 1 - 2 HOURS


Can Draw:

- Any gender
- OCs or IRL people

Can't/Won't Draw:

- Furries
- Mechas
- Too Detailed/Complex

Order Form:

Please only order in the thread or message @Elluh.

Character Reference:
Written Text: 
(What should be written on the box)
Box modification: 
(Yes/No; do you want the default box from the examples or do you want it to look differently? If yes, explain)
 Blinking Animation? 
Additional Notes: 
(Any details I should pay attention to)?


i didn't mean to post ic i swear it was checked off gdi

Thanks you boo boo bear ♥

I am extremely tempted to get a mini skeleton king in a box s2g

OfficerBooty you fooking won't

PicklePantry don't test me I have $1.08 on my PayPal

OfficerBooty and how many skeletons do you have in boxes? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

PicklePantry step into my box and you'll find out ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Fffff. I only have 17 cents in my paypal. Thought I had a dollar at least. XD; Maybe sometime in the future... OTL



shit these are cute as heck

Character Reference: Hegga
Written Text: 

idiot trap

punishment box

for bad fae

witch on trial

(something like that lol, maybe write something on her head, too?)

Box modification: No
Blinking Animation? 
Additional Notes: 
Long dang braid plox.  And if it's visible, please include soldier-type dogtags. ♥


Character Reference: Faust
Written Text:

time-out box

danger: wild animal

caution: bites

do not feed

Box modification: No
Blinking Animation? 
Additional Notes: 
Scruffy, grumpy, and tired please. 8D


you can get creative with the written stuff if you want I just think the whole idea is cute as heck where do I pay lmao

Modwri kindly drew ya'll to my attention, and these are cute af, sooo.. *flings*

Char: Robyn

Written Text: 

caution: flammable

warning: flaming

(idk it's barely 9am and my brain is fried, anything comical to do with fire and you're golden)
Box modification: No
Blinking Animation? No
Additional Notes: Spiky af hair, swoops out, has a nose stud in his left (so visible) nostril, also eyyyy eyeliner. Prolly brooding a bit bc confined space


Char: Aery

Written text:

bad kitty

caution: bites

ink-proof box

Box modification: No
Blinking Animation? No
Additional Notes: Hair is v fluffy, has pointy little elf ears, and a curling black, twin-tipped tail that would probably poke out the side. Likely flustered/embarrassed

you can get creative with the writing stuff, these were kinda lame and i'm bad at thinking of funny one-liners on the spot so...also where do pay xD