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Pepperly Draws Stuff

This is the one and only toyhou.se hub for Pepperly's commissions, and is also the main place where commissions are being offered!

Current turnaround is approximately 2-7 days.

Some stuff going on at home makes it difficult for me to find opportunities to draw on my main setup, so any commissions that aren't pixel art will have short delays. I may do PWYW, pixels, drawthread sketches, and adopts on my secondary setup, but the secondary setup does not work well with my standard workflow and I'd like to keep quality high by continuing to work on my main setup. Apologies for any short delays ahead of time, but unless queue gets large, the refined things should still be done within a reasonable time.

I prefer email! (check very first post, this keeps getting deleted), however PMs and comments are fine. Do not Note me on Deviantart as I cannot read nor reply due to "glitches". Alternatively, you can contact me on FurAffinity!

I also have the equipments to do prints (up to 11x17), buttons (1.5"), stickers (up to 8x10), and laminates (possibly up to 11x17), including having clips for hanging badges! Feel free to arrange something with me and I can turn most any commission into something you can hold! Additional fees depend on what you're looking to buy. Currently unavailable, not that anyone's ever ordered anything from this list, lmao.

As a note, I currently do not do custom designs! The time I take widely varies and I cannot give a price that would be fair to both of us.

☆ Current Slots (+general workload)

Comms get priority over trades

  1. Kjarsu | Chibi Couple : Sent! //reminder to self to post
  2. January | 200x200 pagedoll : Sent //reminder to self to post
  3. iinasmuch | YCH Spoopy graverobbing || Sent //gotta post this too yells
  4. pugsnot | 2x pixels | Sent
  5. Kaiyumi | colored sketch | Sent
  6. PrinceSawyer | awaiting reply
  7. (this looks full but I'm just slacking on posting, slots go on as needed)
  8. Eram | ko-fi gift?
  9. 3way w/prisma+noki || l Waiting for piece to color

Pricing & Samples

This thread is full of "complete" examples, but feel free to post questions or inquire about other things! This includes PWYWs, plain sketches, flats, headshots/busts, or whatever else you can think of! I can work around your needs.



Bobbleheaded fullbodies, generally with a splash background.

  • Flats - $15
  • Shaded - $20
  • Excessive Details +Fee
  • Couples - Base*2

[ x ] [ x ] [ x ]



Drawn dot by dot. Prices/sizes can vary.

  • 100x100 - $20
  • 200x200 - $35
  • Sm. Animations - +25%
  • GB/NES Screencap - $50+

[ x ] [ x ] [ x ]


Speedpaints/Colored Sketches

Timed sketches, absolutely freestyle.

  • Static Price - $45
  • Singular characters get more detail
  • Multiple characters get less detail
  • ❤ Good option for couples!

[ x ] [ x ] [ x ]


Colored Fullbodies

Fullbodies with not bobbleheads! Cleaner than the sketches, obviously

  • Flat - $30
  • Shaded - $45
  • Framed BG - +$10+
  • Couples Base*2

[ x ] [ x ] [ x ] [ (bg) ]



YCH stuff goes here!!

  • closed
  • Cute poses/situations - $X
  • Styles otherwise not offered
  • Watch this space for the future!
  • Special pricing!

[ x ] [ x ] [ x ]


PWYW and Tips!

Tips to keep me going! Or! Leave $5 minimum and comment with a link/ref of a character and I'll draw you up something as thanks! Pay more for something bigger and better!


TOS Tumblr Deviantart Furaffinity Commiss.io


  • Humanoids + Furries.
  • Dynamic/Dramatic Shading
  • Bright Colors
  • Natural Backgrounds

Won't Draw

  • Gore/R18 images. (might do R16 for an upcharge)
  • Some ferals (includes things like horses, just ask!)
  • Racist/Hateful themes
  • Blacklisted fanart: includes Homestuck, Blizzard properties, TAZ podcast, etc

Terms of Service (abridged)

  1. Prices may be subject to change according to the complexity, difficulty, size, and medium for each piece.
  2. Clear and concise visual references must be supplied before work begins, and in some cases for a price estimate. At least one full body image with colors must be provided. Up to three additional images may be provided for additional accuracy. Written descriptions or jumbled references which add up to a full image will not be accepted as proper reference. *Please do not host images on Photobucket or Tinypic, as resolution is poor and both sites cause problems for the Artist’s computer. Recommended quick-hosting include: dropbox, imgur, sta.sh, tumblr, email attachments.
  3. If the Client would like a preview sketch before the lining phase starts, they must request before work begins to be guaranteed one. The Artist is open to critique and redlines at this point, but any large edits afterward may be subject to additional charges. If the Artist has any questions during any point in the creation of the work, they will also ask.
  4. The Artist retains ALL the rights to the commissioned artwork, including the right to make prints and other merchandise. Image rights can be negotiated for an added fee. The Client may create up to three prints for personal use (display in their home or as gifts). Items that require minimum orders above that must ask for permission beforehand.
  5. The Client may not profit from the artwork. Physical original paintings and drawings may be resold for original price minus wear and tear. Digital resales may not be higher than 75% of the original price paid, and the new Owner must be linked back to to the ToS when transferring images. Images must continue to be credited to the Artist in every case. The Client may not resell the rights to the image.
  6. The Client must read, understand and agree to all terms before entering into an agreement with the Artist. By sending payment, the Client agrees to the above terms.
  7. Full TOS here

If you have any questions about my ToS, needing clarifications on it or any style, etc, don't be shy! Ask me at any time, even if you're not ready to order.


You may easily fill out an order form [here]. I will reply by email. Do not, under any circumstances, note me on deviantart. I cannot reply. However, you may instead fill out this form, which is preferred in any YCH situations. Feel free to comment your form here, or PM me with the title "Commission Inquiry".


User Name: (ex: Pepperly)

Email: (Both contact email and paypal email, if different!)

Style: (ex: Chibi: shaded, Pixel: 100x100)

Refs: (1-3 fullbody clean colored refs. Local color preferred over shaded images)

Info: (anything important to note, like small missable things, please refrain from posting until X day, etc etc)

Personality: (Not needed for YCHs, but please give a short paragraph about the OC's basic personality, common mood, likes, dislikes, those sorts of things. I like catering my poses and splash backgrounds toward the character, making each order unique!)

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