The Day Magic Died #1

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Chapter 2
Published 10 months, 15 days ago

November 2021 Event in Quirlicorns, the Magic is dying! The deities are calling for help.

I am in a group with Queensunshinemonster and Leliana, and we add a bit of story to the deities story =)

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Helping the Tree

It was weird to follow Jagmeet over the Plains..  Damien had seen Deities before him, yet, he usually lived in the Desert Region as his whole body was not made for wet and cold weather at all, though he liked the wonderful scenery other Regions provided. 

But he rarely saw any other Quirlicorn taller than him. Jagmeet, as well as all other Deities of course, towered him still. 

His thoughts wandered as they walked, all of them dragged by the magic that they felt deep down.  It was weak, weird und worrying Damiens mind. He thought about the dark Prophecy he saw and that was so unclear to him.Everything, was unclear. 

He sighed out as he placed hoof before hoof, literally walking behind Loraphine, Namyli and Jagmeet. Not that he was scared of him, but he just was in thoughts.  Yet, thankful they did not hurry. He was not fast, not at all, even though his legs were that long. 

He tried to sense the aura and feelings in the air, but his whole magical self inside was drawn in the very direction they walked.    Damien had to admit, he liked Jagmeet. The big Deity seemed calm and responsible, though not full of many words to them, those he said were clear and honest.  He was very different to Anevay, Deity of the Desert.Damien was scared of her, to be honest. 

In the End, it was not sure if Jagmeet or the very magic led them to what they found. On a small but open patch of the plains, there was a sapling.  It was not unordinary, especially not for the land they walked through. But something was to be felt from that little young tree, that let all of them know it was exactly this tree that they were here for.   

Now, Damien was not bearer of plant magic, but opposed to his body, his senses were rather strong and his magic full of psychic abilities. He scented the small tree and his ears flicked back and forth from being a bit nervous about it. Something was not right here, not as it should be, and soon, Jagmeet told them what he could sense, but not see yet:

The Sapling Tree had a weird, dark object between its young roots.

The three of them looked up to Jagmeet as he explained them that they would have to help the tree, while he would go to talk to the other Deities.  

As he left the place, Loraphine, Namyli and Damien stood there for a moment, not knowing exactly what they could do to help a tree.  None of them had any plant magic that could prove to be very useful in strengthening it.  But they might be able to remove the object below its roots! 

„...we could pull out all this grass and weeds around the Sapling..“ Namyli thought loudly. „...It would offer the tree more nutrients from the soil and loosen it up.“ She suggested.

„...That is not a bad idea. If the soil is more loose, I might have a chance to pull the object out. But it will be hard not to hurt the sapling..“ Loraphine feared.

„..Uhm... I... I might be able to help ... I could.. carefully.. have some Gems grow and push the object sideways... from under the roots...“ Damien suggested. „...I can have them disappear again so they.. wont hurt the Sapling later...“ 

„..Oh.. that does not sound too bad. We just need to be really careful...“ Loraphine said. „...Some water would help the tree to grow, too.. I could make some ice while you pull out the weeds?“ she suggested. 

And that was exactly what they did, then!  Damien and Namyli started to gently rip and dig out the grass and weeds surrounding the Sapling, so it could breath  and didnt had to share the nutrients with other plants, allowing it to breathe and have space to grow, as well as it would loosen up the soil a bit.Meanwhile, Loraphine created some chunks of Ice nearby.

As that was done, Damien used his empathic self to exactly locate where the weird object was below the Saplings roots, and he gently had some Gems grow sideways to push it loose and move it a bit away from the trees roots. As soon as Loraphine felt she could securily get a hold on it with her telekinesis, she dragged it away and up from the soil!  

It came out of it but was covered in dirt and they were unable to see what it exactly was, but the magic was so weird and foreign in the object, they did not want to examine it deeper. That, they would leave for Jagmeet to help them with. 

Damien removed the Gems gently from the roots, while Loraphine pushed the Ice chunks over for Namyli to melt.

Damien tried to help, too, but they were sure that Namylis very light fire from her hooves was better for watering the Sapling than the fire Damien could unleash – it was probably just too strong, and he did not want to burn the plant. So he tried to help but very very carefully.

With that, there was nothing more they could do to help the tree, at least not at that moment.  This time, Damien did not try to contact Jagmeet. They were all sure that the Deity would come back once his talks with the other Deitys were done, and they did not want to disturb him. So they waited patiently for his return, surrounding the Sapling though they had brought the mysterious object to a bit of a distance and Damien hid it in a big Gemstone so its weird energy could be blocked. 

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