Satisfy Your Cravings at The Milky Way!

7 months, 23 days ago

An article featured in The Daily Dig!

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Satisfy your cravings at The Milky Way!

This cafe-bar hybrid has been a local favorite ever since they opened their doors. During the day the location is more reminiscent of traditional 50's era diners, with the signature chrome plating and barber polls on the outside. When you enter through the revolving front door, you'll hear the jukebox first, which always seems to have a request list a mile long. Then you'll see the bar, with those eye catching red stools, and the checkerboard tile pattern, it's the coziest milkshake bar you'll find in the whole city. Typical diner tables line the wall on the opposite side of the bar, but it's clear what the main attraction is intended to be. As the sun sets, so does this cafe go through it's own transformation! The lights are dimmed, the jukebox is switched over to more sultry tunes. LED lighting turns the barber polls and checkerboard bar into a solid red glow, and display shelves of spirits behind the bar are uncovered for those wanting a more adult atmosphere. Finally, how could we forget to mention the owner, the very man you'll find behind the bar on most occasions. While some AW0005 would certainly compliment his looks, we here are The Daily Dig found his humor to be the trait contributing the most to his undeniable charm. We highly encourage anyone needing something cold to slake their thirst on a hot summer day to make their way down to *The Milky Way today!