Celestial Seas Writing Prompts

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Chapter 1
Published 9 months, 30 days ago

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Gone Fishing

Styx had lived pretty much his whole life in the waters. A satyr born of ocean stone, the sea was easy to navigate and pretty much where he was most comfortable. His "territory" was a small section off the coast of Sor Solir, the famous beach that was a popular tourist attraction. With tourists came all sorts of people, and with all sorts of people came gossip. So, Styx was not a stranger to the news of the sudden opening of the gaping lake named Starwell. Folks of all kinds claimed the water was doing strange things-- weird dreams at night, voices filling people's head, and, most interesting of all, never before seen monstrous fish.

As Styx was a collector of all things odd and shiny, he found it was his duty to try and lure out any sea creatures that may be within. He considered himself a professional fisherman, after all. He had caught talonfish with his bare hands before! He didn't even need a fishing rod. Making his way over to the Starwell was tough, as it was jam-packed with people. Wading through the crowd seemed like more effort than the fishing was going to be...

After some shoving and grumbling, Styx had finally made it to the makeshift pier others were using to cast their lines. Walking past the coolers, buckets and live bait laid out before him, he dives off the platform and plunges into the sparkling sea water.

Styx did not need to hold his breath--he was a proficient water user-- and was able to focus on locating his prey instead. Out of the corner of his eye, he spots something glimmering, its dark scales reflecting the light of the surface. Though, it seemed to be emitting some sort of odd... flame. Underwater? It was so odd, he had to take a look.
It was a swift creature, and was not an easy catch. After a good while, the slippery little thing was caught between his fingers. Eager to return and look at his catch properly, Styx propels his way back to the surface.

Looking at the creature, it appeared to be like... a Talonfish? But ghostly... like it was set ablaze. It was alright, he supposed. The little critter had a Muse's Treasure caught in its neck, which was pretty valuable. Well, at least this catch wasn't a total loss...