[CC] Meeth: Blacksmith Job

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2 years, 6 months ago
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Chapter 1
Published 2 years, 6 months ago

When it’s time to go to battle, the Blacksmiths suit you up. They provide weapons to use against wild beasts, along with well-fitted armor that meets your every need. They sometimes craft some heavy Den items that Carpenters have trouble managing. Blacksmiths with a careful hand may create smaller things, though–what one might consider a bit technological.

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Option One – Show your Rider creating a metal alloy for the first time.


The forge was ready to be warmed; it had taken weeks for Meeth, Enderia and Silver to remove everything from around the hearth, but the time had been worth it, revealing what had once been a blacksmiths pride and joy in a working fort., Enderia with her newly awakened metal magic had found dozens of barrels of iron deposits, with Nyx clarifying on what it was, bog iron. More than enough for her to attempt to make something. Other things scattered around were half forged swords and shields, parts of armor and nails; most unusable… unless she melted them down at a later point, when she was more confident with how it should work. “Have you ever forged anything before?” Enderia asked where she was nosing about the open space and the hearth that would heat the materials up. “Yes and no.” Meeth responded, slowly dragging the bags of carbon closer. Letting them go, she stretched, wings flaring as she did so, and with a flash materialized her sword; Enderia blinked, the swords properties so odd that she inched closer, it was metal… but not any she’d ever seen or felt. “I forged this, it is a right of passage amongst…. My family.” she paused, thinking on how to explain it. “I’ve seen true blacksmiths work, and have helped out when i was younger, and the procedure was similar, just the materials that were different…” She didn’t mention part of her soul was forged into the blade. “I’m hoping the same works here as well.” She followed up, letting the sword vanish. “I can help.” Enderia offered, Meeth nodded, and Enderia darted around, gathering what she needed to set the furnace alight. “The local smith had a recipe for bog iron and carbon, it apparently makes a stable alloy, which is quite versatile.” She followed up, he’d offered to show her how, but she’d declined, still not comfortable amongst the townsfolk.

With Enderia’s help, the two took turns, using the great bellows to breathe air into the forge funneling them through the Tuyere, the heat rising and making it uncomfortable, but though it was labour intensive and time consuming, but soon the hearth was at a heat Meeth thought was enough, “Can you keep it going?” She queried, Enderia nodded, standing on the bellows to keep the rhythm steady. If she was to do this on a regular basis, she would likely need someone more help, Enderia’s size meant she would struggle for sustained lengths, and it wasn’t fair to the hybrid. For now though, this was about experimenting, to see if an alloy would form. Bit by bit she added equal parts bog iron and carbon, and then waited before repeating it, every now and again swapping with Enderia to give the dragon a rest, the heat rising to sweltering levels. “Meeth now.” Enderia chatted, her claws pointing below to where the pure iron should have formed, and she could only guess Enderia had sensed it. Immediately the dragon moved over to the anvil, and waited as Meeth used the large tongs to grip the gleaming clump, and lifted it out of the cooling forge. Placing it on the anvil, she hesitated, she couldn’t hold it with the tongs and chisel away at the impurities that formed around it. Enderia didn’t hesitate, using her claws to strike at the glowing coal, bits flaking off; finally she pulled back, eyeing her claws thoughtfully, but there was no damage, and she could feel the metal there. “That’s enough.” Meeth said, lifting the metal chunk and dipping it into the nearby slack tub, the sound of hissing water sounding. Finally she lifted it out, it wasn’t perfect, but the rapidly cooling bit she grasped with the tongs was an alloy of metal, She’d done it, though she knew she’d need some assistance when forging things, but that was something she could work on; for now though the Mountain Fort’s forge had stirred once more, the embers glowing still as the hearth cooled; the dragon and rider staring at the glowing chunk of forged metal, later she would try to forge it into something usable, or something she could sell for other supplies.

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