[CC] Meeth: Blacksmith Job

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2 years, 6 months ago
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Chapter 2
Published 2 years, 6 months ago

When it’s time to go to battle, the Blacksmiths suit you up. They provide weapons to use against wild beasts, along with well-fitted armor that meets your every need. They sometimes craft some heavy Den items that Carpenters have trouble managing. Blacksmiths with a careful hand may create smaller things, though–what one might consider a bit technological.

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Author's Notes

Option One – It’s up to your Rider to repair some particularly damaged metal! Are they repairing armor? Sharpening a blade? Or perhaps fixing some sort of saddle apparatus? Show them at work!


Meeth watched as the cart pulled up into the fort, the dark form of Whisper circling above, keeping a watch on what was happening below; he’d since reached his full growth, and could move quickly when he chose to; swiftly attacking should these interlopers proved a threat. For now though he was content to watch above, for inside the cart was Meeth’s ‘commision’. Ever since becoming a blacksmith, albeit a novice, she’d had a small but steady stream of orders, most notably repairs to everyday tools and the occasional weapon. This commision though was bigger; the repair of a full set of rider and dragon armor; made from an old and very rare metal, she’d been given some of the metal to help restore the armor back to full glory. Initially she’d been hesitant about such an important job; but the weather was turning and she had several dragons to look after.

After seeing the travellers off, she started to unwrap the various components, laying them out around the makeshift ‘benches’ she’d placed around the forge; the small metal hybrid nosing around it and marvelling at the gleam of the beaten metal. Behind them the forge simmered, the embers lit ready, should it be needed, but Meeth got the overall impression that very few parts needed reforging, most could be hammered out and with some small touch-up to make it look new. “There's some links missing.” Enderia pointed out, her small form gleaming in the forge’s fire; coming over Meeth ran her fingers over the chainmail, noting snags and missing links, a sign of armor worn in battle, time and time again…. Though she’d gotten the general impression it was more for show at present, the dragon armor had been altered to fit its current host time and time again. “We’ll start with the chainmail first.” Meeth said, and Enderia moved over to the bellows, her mind linked with Meeth’s so she knew what to do.

Night had fallen by the time the two finished forging all the tiny links needed, the rare metal took time to heat enough to melt, but once it started to melt, it flowed like water, twice Enderia had quickly tapped into her metal magic to stop the molten metal from running off the hearth and onto the floor. Now though, they were ready to be woven into the existing chainmail; Meeth having already removed the damaged links and straightened others in the chainmail. Enderia happiness at helping hummed in the back of Meeth’s mind, and she watched as once again Enderia used her magic to seamlessly entwine the new links with the chainmail. “Good job.” Meeth said softly to the dragon, once the silver glow faded from both the dragon and the chainmail… it was surprisingly light, she noted as she moved it over to the table it had come from. “We’ll leave it for tonight.” She ordered the dazed dragon, carefully placing the old links into a bucket nearby, she was hoping to reuse as much of them as possible.

The next few days were similar, Meeth and Enderia worked on each of the parts, feeding the hearth to melt down and reforge several components, using more than half of the rare metal her employer had given her; for a couple of the other pieces were more damaged than she’d initially thought, the hybrid dragon detecting faults in the metal that may prove disastrous at a later point. Enderia slowly grew more confident in her metal sensing, and though she could only manipulate it on a small scale, it was often all that was needed to finish the forging.

Her employer asked for regular updates, often sending a messenger to check on her, each she’d asked Nyx to deal with him, as she was unable to leave the forge, given that it was still only her and Enderia who could work it. Finally though she was satisfied with the armor, it gleamed as if new, and even Enderia’s metal sense didn’t find anything major, plus she hadn’t had to use all of the metal that had been provided, choosing to melt down the chain links and some of the other smaller parts that she’d recrafted.

Enderia leaned against Meeth, careful to not scratch her riders pale skin, watching as the wagon rolled off into the hills, the armor hidden beneath specially designed blankets to protect it from the elements. “I enjoyed that.” She whispered, waving a claw as it slowly became smaller and smaller. “It was a challenge.” Meeth admitted, not letting the worry that it hadn’t been enough show, or echo into her bond with the small hybrid; only time would tell if her employer was satisfied with the work or not.

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