Comments on Grief

I saw the word "funeral" and saw "Mrs. Petersen", and things... went in a much different direction than I thought LMAO

I always love seeing the interactions between these kids, everything feels so natural between them and they just perfectly encapsulate the experience of being a young 20-something haha

lmaooo unfortunately(?) Jill and Mrs. P are stuck with each other for the forseeable future

Thank you so much!! That makes me really happy to hear. I love writing these kids, and their shenanigans always feel really natural for me to write. Happy I'll have a lot of time to spend telling their stories : p

Nice story x3

I liked it XD

Haha, thanks! ; p

Anytime :)

This is beautiful. I love Jill.


I love Jill too; she's always so much fun to write : p