[CC] Meeth: PA - The Shear Rebellion

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Chapter 3
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Collection of stuff relating to Meeth and the Shear rebellion.

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Author's Notes

Featuring Eira 818

Rotating Duty #2

Show your character treasure hunting near or inside ruins. This duty takes place on Shérok

"Please can we go back, there may be more that we missed, i promise i wont get stuck between the stones." Meeth turned her attention towards the door to the forge, where Eira sat, she had to give him his due, he'd been there for a while, patiently waiting until she'd finished the work she'd been doing. Of course, now that the metal was cooling, he didn't hold back. "I mean, surely the rebellion wants to find more of the stuff, and that couldn't of been the only stash they had; what about the cellars and dungeons and and." He continued barely taking a breath between words, fluttering up to land on her shoulder; not that they'd seen any sign of the spaces, but given that the ruined keep as akin to the fort she lived in, and it did have those spaces (currently used to hold some of the materials she used in her blacksmithing rather than its intended purpose.) The idea was sound. Before he could utter another word, she gently pinched his muzzle closed. "I was planning on heading back anyway, not just to see if there was anything else there, but also to see if any of the stonework can be saved." She explained letting go... repairs to the fort were slow going at the best of times. "Yay." He took off.. flying out through the open door into the gentle snowstorm that covered the fort; normal for this time of year.

The trek to the ruins was quicker this time, Zeke's fast pace covering the snow covered ground with ease; he wasn't actually joining them in their 'hunt', but was heading further north to do a spot of hunting himself, prey becoming scarcer as the cold months lingered. Eira flew overhead, his stamina increasing, though he happily returned to Meeth when he grew; though he did occasionally chase an odd snowflake or two, the snow continuing to fall around them. "There." He squeaked, diving towards the snow covered stones, and the collapsed pile that had encased the previous cache of treasure. Dismounting from Zeke, Meeth patted him in thanks, before the avian ran off northwards. "Should i look for another set of stones that's a bit odd?" He asked, hovering for a moment, at her nod, he grinned, fluttering to every pile of stones, and examining them.... though... they all seemed to be where they should be... well.. sort off... if one counted been on the ground and not attached to the rest of the ruined building.

Leaving Eira to fast paced checks of the stonework, Meeth made her way over to the bones of the gate tower, which, due to its similarities of placement to the fort, made her wonder if all of the forts/keeps along this line had been designed the same way.... easier, but strategically, it had its downfalls, as it meant they all had the same weaknesses. Leaving that thought alone, she slipped inside, though the upper parts had since fallen away.... if it was designed in the same way as hers, then an entrance to the lower parts should be around somewhere... under the snow that was.

Disappointed, Eira flew to where he could see Meeth, as she dug under the snow, before he could land he heard something move, and watched as the snow budged, a trap door opening... "Should that be rusted.. or ... frozen?"" He asked, peering down at the gaping chasm. "Yes. Which means it was used quite recently." Meeth replied. "I'll go look." He offered, but this time waited until she nodded, dropping down though the stairs, listening to the darkness but though he was tempted to scout the who area, he spotted what looked to be torch clipped to the stone wall at the base of the stairs. Gripping it he fluttered back up to Meeth. "It's dry." He said as she took it, they'd need some light as the explored the tunnels below...

Author's Notes

WC: 661
Terrain: Storm