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Chapter 7
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Collection of stuff relating to Meiron and the Erre Coalition

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Author's Notes

Featuring Ruin 880, King 758, Teoxihuitl 776 and The Company 509 who is salvaging in the nearby ruins.

Rotating Duty #7

The Tsotska live in harmony with dragons—including non-elemental dragons! These wild dragons take on all shapes and sizes and can be found throughout nature. From the huge dragon residing in the volcano to the smallest dragons that guard flower patches, each one has a price for its peace. Show your character offering a tribute to one of these wild dragons. This duty takes place on Tsotska d’la Mer.

The Company stared out over the sleeping town, the night sky covering the small settlement that dwelled here, though the arms of the island sheltered it somewhat from the wild seas, even now snow fell, covering the area in a white blanket. Faint puffs of white breath escaped the closed jaws of the multiheaded dragon. They were waiting; after the success of their last expedition, they all felt it was worth working with the navy bestia again, he and his dragons providing the tribute that was still needed, while they sought out items they knew Salvus needed, though the town was no longer where it had been originally. "There's Ruin." Wind said, spotting the winged form of the storm hybrid. "And there's the ship Meiron mention he and the others would be on." Ocean followed up, spotting the tall mast as it entered the harbour. Ruin dipped his wings to show he'd seen them. "Surely it would have been quicker for the cat to just come with Ruin." Storm muttered, Dark agreeing with her; the fact that the bestia had brought two more dragons, both of whom couldn't fly, meant it had taken longer for him to arrive. "Maybe, maybe not. He must have a reason to bring the others." Metal responded calmly, Storm and Dark simply glared at the other head, but couldn't argue with Metal's reasoning; Instead, they settled back down to await the arrival of their companion and his dragons.

Ruin had spotted the large form of Company with ease, the five heads staring at them as he flew above the ship carrying Meiron, King and Teo. He'd asked his rider why King and Teo were coming along, and been told they were needed... which had of course made all three dragons curious, Meiron rarely took more than one dragon with him when he did these tasks for the Coalition. As the ship came closer to its 'port', Ruin pulled on his storm magic, playing a bit as he flew towards The Company, summoning ice flurries to tease the large dragon, as he weaved amidst the falling snow. Of course, one of the heads responded in kind, and the little flurries spun back at him, far more chaotic than the ones he'd sent. Grinning in amusement, Ruin continued, it would kill time until Meiron reached them.

King all but vibrated with excitement, she loved things like this. "So this Company, is she like Abyss? or Hydra?" She asked, leaning against a wall, front arms crossed as she held herself back from running up and out. Teo snorted from where he was stood. Hind legs spread to brace himself against the movements of the ship. "Abyss." Meiron responded. King nodded as the ship shuddered slightly; sounds from above as the crew secured it. Finally, a call came, they were good to come up. "Freedom." King yelped, bounding upwards with the ease of a dragon used to such things, Teo walked behind Meiron, he hadn't been quite as keen on the sea journey, and over his back, two large bags were held securely; they'd pick up a couple of other items once in the settlement, the note regarding this particular 'tribute' having also informed the cat that supplies would be present here as well. "Not quite as big as Abyss, but they have 5 heads." King said as Meiron and Teo came up beside her on the pier, the large form of The Company slightly obscured by the snow that Ruin had summoned.

Storm had just sent a rather large and ice-filled flurry towards Ruin when Meiron finally came up towards them, a spotted... kobold? leading the way, as a second, heavier dragon plodded, several large bags draped over his haunches, whiskers twitching as he peered at the Company. "You took your time." Storm said, pulling her magic back as Ruin did the same, the hybrid back winged to a landing. Metal peered at the rabbit faced dragon. "Do you want us to help carry something." She asked, ignoring the look Dark and Storm gave her. "I'm fine, thank you. It's good training." The male responded as he stopped. The female though had bounded past them, leaping with ease onto the rock pillars which served as guards to the path that led to the small harbour town. "Where are we headed if you don't mind us asking?" Ocean said, curious, as the rider climbed up onto Ruins' back. "The volcano." The Company went still, as did the others. Stories told of an immense non-elemental dragon that lived there, keeping the island safe by keeping the volcano in a semi-dormant state. "Oh?" They asked, keeping pace with the others as Ruin took to the air.

Meiron glanced at the 5 headed dragon, in between checking on how Teo was faring with the heavy bags, King meanwhile scouted ahead. "It's not the ancient one were seeing, though the coalition suggested that may be a possibility later, they'd rather offer a tribute when it is not needed than the risk it if indeed it is and they don't." The bestia said, the dragons covering the terrain with ease, the snow having laid above the rocky terrain as they headed inland. "Rather it's a 'pack' that lives nearby." Ruins ears twitched, a pack, that would explain him, King and Teo... but what would The Company get out of it. "There's also some ruins that they call home, figure you could get some of the stuff you'd be after." Meiron shrugged, it was up to the dragon what they did.

The terrain shifted eventually, remnants of an ancient city starting to appear amidst the earth and rock of the canyon walls, as beyond the volcano loomed large, towering over the area, as such it didn't surprise The Company when Wind spotted a relief depicting the volcano and a stylised dragon, halting she peered at it closely, as the others kept a careful watch. Meiron and his dragons had also stopped, the cat dismounting from Ruin and removing the sacks from the other male. The Company left them to get on with the 'tribute' hearing movement from another part of the ruins, and it wasn't long before three large quadruped dragons appeared; each one seemed to have an array of stone 'armour', decorative pieces made from parts of the ruins. Dark ignored them fully, slipping her head into the remnants of a building, and nosing around the rubble, Wind was more curious about the wall paintings, some having been lost to time, but all telling a story, let the others search for scrap metal and treasure, to her, the stories this city held, now that was the treasure. "There could be some metal there?" Dark said dubiously, brushing away the rubble somewhat... and the snow which continued to fall. Metal moved her head over, trusting Ocean and Storm to keep an eye on both Wind and the three dragons who called this place home, just in case the tribute didn't work. "You're right. A bit small, but Teeba should be able to melt them down and use them in other things, in fact... that may be better than bigger bits." She mused, ears twitching as she kept listening out for Meiron and the dragons.

Aware of some of the Company's heads keeping an eye on them all, Meiron passed a small number of bones and feathers to the three dragons. These three were quite rigid according to his notes, first, they required a gift, something which they could add to their own armour, bone, stones, claws, feathers, all were possibilities. If they accepted then it would go to a 'battle', for those offering tribute to prove themselves; win or lose, it was the experience the three liked; and then finally it was to share a meal... or in Meiron's case, cooked meat. No fancy foods for him or his dragons, they wanted fancy, they could go elsewhere.

King moved first after he explained the order to her, inching closer to the smallest of the three, a stunning black with hints of red beneath his armour, far more elaborate and fancy than the other two. He watched her with a calm that belied his eagerness. It didn't take King long to pick several bits she thought would go well. Talons outstretched she waited to see if he would accept.

Teo moved next, picking the largest of the three, if King's choice had delicate armour, this one had the opposite, massive chunks of stone and bone, creating a carapace that would protect against any attack. There was almost no sign of the dragons hide beneath the armour, but Teo had spotted some gaps, where the large clumps didn't quite sit right together. His choice then was smaller chunks to fit in those slots. Now it was a waiting game.... would he accept the smaller offerings.

Ruin had no choice of which dragon he got, not that he minded, a grin below his artificial snout, the one before him was completely covered in feathers and gems, less 'armour' and more a 'dress', didn't make her any less fierce, in fact, all those feathers made her look big. So that was what he offered her, feathers and the odd gem Meiron had brought, the plumes long and multihued when they caught the light.

The Company glanced over, a collection of metal in their arms, Ocean caught Meiron's eyes and he nodded, seems it was going well so far... and meant they could do more salvaging further afield...

Author's Notes

WC: 1586
Terrain: Storm/Earth