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Chapter 9
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Collection of stuff relating to Meiron and the Erre Coalition

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Author's Notes

Featuring Ruin 880, King 758, Teoxihuitl 776 and The Company 509 who is gathering

Rotating Duty #9

The Tsotska live in harmony with dragons—including non-elemental dragons! These wild dragons take on all shapes and sizes and can be found throughout nature. From the huge dragon residing in the volcano to the smallest dragons that guard flower patches, each one has a price for its peace. Show your character offering a tribute to one of these wild dragons. This duty takes place on Tsotska d’la Mer.

The light was starting to fade by the time Meiron, King, Teo, Ruin and The Company left the ruined city; the three dragons that dwelled there having left the travellers to their own devices now that the 'tribute' was finished; not a single scrap of the food that Meiron had prepared left, despite Storm's comment about it needing more seasoning. "I know we have quite the collection already, but do you think we could spare a bit more of your time?" Ocean asked Meiron; when the cat cocked his head at them, Metal continued. "We spotted some unusual flowers and plants on the route to the volcano, we wouldn't need much." Teo once again helping to carry stuff, though this time it was the materials that The Company had gathered already. "If we were, I may need to use some of the material's you gathered." Meiron responded, shrugging. "I didn't plan to go beyond the city on this trip." Ruin reared up on his hind legs, even as King darted about, the kobold having managed to find a few small pretty stones amidst the rock pillars that guarded the area, the volcano looming large behind them. Dark and Storm seemed reluctant, but it was Wind that agreed. "That should be fine." She said softly. "We have collected more than we actually need, and some of the plants might have healing properties." Unspoken by the 5-headed dragon was the reason why they would need it, not everyone at Salvus had come out of the battle unscathed, not that the navy cat in front of them needed to know that.

Meiron glanced over at his three dragons, the combat had taken its toll on them, but none had been injured, even accidentally. Fine." He responded. Ruin took off into the air, his ears twitching as he felt the first stirrings of a storm, still, some distance away, the sky darkening further beyond the volcano, giving it a menacing aura. Below, King darted off, helping to scout the immediate area, Teo, once Meiron had climbed up, plodding along with ease, The Company easily trailing them as they turned from the path that led back down to the town, and heading towards the volcano.

It was slow going, as The Company (with help from King) gathered one or two of the plants that seemed to be growing in and among the rock pillars (as was a few topaz clusters which King happily nibbled on), the snow which had blanketed much of the area was less and less visible as they travelled towards the burning mountain, having melted as the temperature rose. Ruin, satisfied himself with lazy sweeps backwards and forwards as he kept an eye on the storm that was brewing. Meiron glanced at the dark sky, his grip tightening on Teo as the dragon moved easily through the terrain, the rock pillars serving as a gateway, so much so that he was starting to believe they had been placed there on purpose. The first peel of thunder sounded a moment later, shattering the calm of the area. It was still some distance away.

"This might be a problem." Metal said, drawing to a halt with the others as the earth literally vanished, a massive gorge between them and the rest of the path. "Don't look at us, we're not carrying anyone." Storm commented, Dark in agreement before the others could offer. Ruin of course would have no trouble traversing it, he was winged after all, but Teo and King did not have the same advantage. Ruin landed, peering over the edge, King followed suit. "There used to be a bridge here." King said cheerfully. Storm snorted. "Much use that is." Came the sarcastic response. Meiron though bared his teeth in a grin. "You forget, there are three earth dragons here." King caught on first, her frill flaring as she moved back. "You want us to build a bridge?" She asked. "Plenty of loose earth about." Ruin continued, while his earth magic was not as pronounced as his storm, it was getting there. "Well, you lot do that, we're going to have a nosy around... some distance away." Storm said, all but dragging the rest of her away from the edge..... And there were a few plants nearby, prickly little cactuses that seemed to thrive in the area, but some had stunning flowers that caught their attention.

A flash of light arced across the sky a moment later, the thunder growing in volume as the storm started to close in. Teo (minus Meiron) plodded towards the edge, a glow surrounding his form, and around him the earth glowed green as he pulled earth and rocks from further along the chasm, dragging it to where they were creating the bridge. King crouched down at the main point where the bridge was slowly coming together, the glow around her darker as she clasped her front talons together, compacting the earth that Teo brought to them, the bridge spreading out from one side. Ruin meanwhile flew underneath the slowly growing earthen construct, he too used his magic, but where Teo and King build the main part, he focused on strengthening it from below, dropping lower to create arches and anchors. The chasm glowed green as the three wove their magic.

Having collected several small plants (including one really prickly cacti), The Company returned to Meiron, watching as the chasm path formed. "Impressive." Metal commented as the last few segments compacted together. "Here for you.... to match your personality." Storm said, holding out one of the Cacti for him, she'd actively gone searching for the runtiest, but prickliest one she could find. Meiron snorted, taking it. "Next time find a bigger one... to match yours." He retorted, earning a chuckle from them."Wew... that was hard." King commented, darting back over to them as a massive boom sounded, lightning dancing above them as the storm erupted. "Fun though." Ruin said, still in the air, Teo nodded, lowering himself so that Meiron could climb back on. "Shall we." Meiron said sweetly, even as his fur fluffed up a bit at the proximity to the lightning that coated the sky.

Storm continued to trade barbs with the cat as the group pressed onwards towards the volcano, both because it was fun and to distract the cat (though she wouldn't admit to that), the other heads scanned the area, pockets of dark earth, with numerous plants and shrubs that grew from the fertile earth; and that wasn't all, Wind breathed out a breath when she spotted what seemed to be a temple, carved directly into the side of the volcano. If the murals in the ruined city had been stunning, it was nothing compared to this. Gemstones, bone, stone, wood, mediums of all types used to build and decorate the shrine; tiny figures, scattered around in alcoves and next to the large bowls. Several candles lit flickered as the storm raged around the volcano. "But..." Wind whined when the others dragged her towards the greenery, they were meant to be gathering after all.

Meiron eyes the elaborate shrine, flinching as the lightning flashed, even here there was little shelter. King, Teo and Ruin next to him, all staring at the shrine. "Umm... what do we offer?" King asked, very carefully touching a tiny figurine, it fell warm, and was vaguely reminiscent of a dragon. "I somehow don't think gems, or other materials will work here...." Ruin offered, letting his wing brush against the edges. "It feels alive in here." he continued as if something was watching them. Teo stepped back. "Maybe something that is harder to come by here?" He suggested, staring at one of the decorations more closely. The blue of the aquamarine catching his eye against the other colours. "Water?" Both King and Ruin looked at him. "But it's surrounded by water?" King said, puzzled. "But that's the ocean, saltwater. Fresh water is harder to find so close to an active volcano." The batlike dragon followed up.

The cat reached for the water container still attached to Teo, opening it and pouring the water into the bowls, emptying the flask completely. For a moment nothing happened, and then a small creature slipped out, flippers pulled its body forward as it leaned over the offered water, taking a long drink, before blinking up at them all, crooning happily; and the air it changed as the storm started to ease, the pressure passing.

The Company waited for them to return, their paws once more holding a variety of plants, tiny cuttings and leaves. "You have to tell me everything about what was in there, the colours, the materials, everything." Wind said, lowering her head to peer straight at Meiron, Metal and Ocean laughed, as did King, Teo and Ruin. "Don't ask me, I was too interested in the guardian of it." Meiron responded, earning a groan from that head. "Some help you are." She muttered lifting her head so she didn't see the amused smirk from the cat, which had gone by the time she glared at him.

Author's Notes

WC: 1517
Terrain: Earth/Storm/Thunder