[CC] Courtship Art: Yuki X Dawn

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Chapter 1
Published 1 year, 7 months ago

Yuki develops a crush on the emissary Dawn.. and awkwardly goes about courting her

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First Date

Yuki hesitated, spotting the swift form of Dawn through the fog that had rolled in; he hadn’t long completed his Grand Display, but he’d spotted her several times in the area recently. Still he wasn’t sure exactly how to go about well... courting her... sure he’d proven his strength, and shown he could adapt... and.. well explored somewhere no one else had. But... approaching a prospective mate, well... that he didn’t know. Would she even appreciate gems? He knew Havoc did, but the other male was also an earth hybrid.... so... what to do.

Dawn hesitated as she flittered back into the cave, the fog all but obscuring her veil, but she knew he was there, smaller than her, blue with white touches and a scattering of feathers on his head, she was worried, very few sought her out, what did he want with her, her anxiety rising slightly as she heard him coming closer.

Yuki fluttered up letting the storm touched terrain brush against him. “Umm, miss... do you...” he faltered, his voice pitched high a sign of his nervousness, landing at the edge of the cave he could feel, he didn’t go any closer, ears pricked for the slightest bit of movement, “Doyouwanttogoforaflightwithme?” He said, the words rushing together, oh he could hear Eira laughing at him. Carefully he placed a jewel down, a sapphire that he’d ... borrowed from Meiron.

Blinking Dawn stepped closer, he was so young... and nervous, the gemstone was obviously an offering... so he was earth... intrigued she moved towards, into the faint light, he was small as well, but he stared at her, after a moments she nodded, oh she was still anxious... but... the young male was interesting.

The flight was a bit awkward, neither dragon saying anything, Yuki due to his nervousness around the female, and Dawn.. well she was still a bit anxious .. especially when they left the safety of the fog, below the desert sprawled... though it was cool this time in the evening.

Humming to himself, Yuki dropped low, ears pricked for the teensiest of sounds... and the faint echo of his earth sense, he considered looking for gems but while Dawn had accepted the one he offered she hadn’t been too enthusiastic. But... water, especially in a desert was as much a treasure as the precious stones such as emeralds and sapphires.... finally he locked onto one and started circling, pulling in the earth magic which he could feel.

Dawn watched as the male dropped, flapping her wings to keep her airborne as the land moved below, entranced she watched as the earth receded, pristine waters flowing freely in a new oasis, in time greenery would flourish, but for now it was a small pool of water, it’s beauty touching her as the male drooped slightly. Angling her body she dove, skimming her wings over the water before pulling on the storm magic, the waters crystallizing into ice...and into stunning sculptures above it, dragons in flight, others running, each one a masterpiece in it own right. She felt the male fly close, and more water surged, grinning she froze it, the scene becoming more and more complex.

Tired, Yuki landed on a rather large sculpture, formed to look like an earth dragon it was large enough for him to rest on, he crooned as Dawn landed next to him, her anxiety all but gone, she nuzzled him as the moon appeared above, it’s light giving the ice sculpture a new aura, a blessing of sorts on the pair.

Author's Notes

WC: 603
Terrain: Earth/Storm