[CC] Courtship Art: Yuki X Dawn

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Chapter 2
Published 1 year, 6 months ago

Yuki develops a crush on the emissary Dawn.. and awkwardly goes about courting her

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Second Date

Yuki had kept his ears peeled for any news that Dawn may of returned to the area, his previous courtship had been successful to a point, but she’d soon left afterwards that he’d worried he’d insulted or scared her off; and he wanted to make it up to her. Plus, as Meiron had pointed out he had a bit more life experience ... even if he was still a nervous wreck at the thought of courting Dawn again. But he was better prepared this time, or ... at least he thought he was.

Dawn fluttered through the snowstorm, the swirling flakes obscuring her from view from below, it had been sometime since she’d been in this area, her memories tinged with a joy of the ice sculpture she’d formed with the young male as he courted her. Still, she didn’t linger in one place too long, but... she also rarely ventured back into an area so soon, part of her excited to see if Yuki would find her again, and the other part, anxious in case he was no longer interested... but... she needs t9 let him know she was around..... carefully she drew on her magic, shifting the snowstorm, until it danced in patterns that was simply not natural.

Yuki flared his wings, skimming over the surface of the ocean, he’d taken to flying out this way quite often, especially with the recent snowstorms that fell this time of year; when he felt a shift In the air around him, the snowstorm billowing around him, not enough to hurt or worry, but to entice, the winds whipping up in a chaotic way that sang to his storm heritage. There, he caught sight of a shoe, elusive in the magic controlled snow, her form far bigger than him. Grinning he dropped, pulling on his own magic to freeze the ocean below, even as he sent the storm back her way.

Dawn hesitated as the male dropped, but her anxiety eased when the storm swirled around her, her mind vaguely aware of the chaos such a unnatural storm would cause for anyone below, but most of it was on the small drake below as he wove amidst the steadily growing ocean ice; he didn’t freeze much of the saltwater, but was frozen was sculpted into stunning spires, the light from the sun flickering through them where it shone through the snowstorm, a rainbow of colors akin to an aurora amidst the white frost. She too dropped, the storm following as she created her own ice sculptures using the sea breeze as it surged, mini animals, as delicate as glass amidst the icicles.

The young hybrid flew past Dawn as she descended to add her own storm magic to his, content that she was back, Yuki fluttered around her, taking control of the snowstorm to play it along her wings, not in a hindering way, but the opposite, to coax and entice the female into accepting his suit once again. His own nervousness vanished as she responded in kind, the snowstorm growing with their combined power as the ice began to cover more and more of the ocean.

Dawn hummed as the power surged, the snowstorm shifting into a blizzard that she knew would linger over the are for a few days at least, but to her it was a show of intent, Andy what was storm magic without a bit of chaos; she dropped next to Yuki as the snow swirled, slowing her speed to match that of the smaller males, and she held that position as he brushed his wingtip against hers, before sweeping under her and to her other side... he was game for more if she was...

Author's Notes

WC: 625
Terrain: Storm/Ocean