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He grinned as he watched her. She probably knew he was there even, but still it was more fun to think she didn't. That he had somehow eluded her senses this time, for a while at least. She was hunting something again. Likely some bounty, something she never seemed to like anyways.

I too am a hunter, he thought with a grin as he left her, least he give himself away too early into the game. This game was dangerous, their natures were in complete conflict, but he loved this game most of all. He waited, silently following her just enough to keep her insight. When she took off without warning after whatever query she was hunting this night he took off after her. He, of course, quickly caught up to her to pin her against the wall of one of the back alleys.

"Hello Jack," she said with a small amused smile.

"Mmm, so what is my hunter going after tonight, hmm?" He said teasingly with a grin.

"A vampire," she said grinning now.

"Mmm, better not. I hear those are dangerous," he said leaning in to whisper the last part against her neck. He darted back laughing when he felt the end of her crossbow press against him. This was all part of the game, his playful advances and her idle threats.

"Oh, I know what I'm doing. I even already got one cornered and the night's not even really started," she said stepping away from the wall to effectively block him into the ally.

It only had one entrance, he had chosen it for just that. While he could try to speed by her, or use any of the other gifts the vampiric blood had given him he never knew exactly how good her reflexes were. Or how far she would bend her hunter rules. That too was part of the game though.

"Caught me, so now what. Hmm?" He said with a slight shrug, the grin never leaving his face. Playing with a hunter like this was dangerous, and probably stupid, he knew that. However, It was also more fun than he'd had since he first became a vampire. It was addicting, this sense of danger.

"How about I let you guess. It's more fun that way," she said keeping her crossbow aimed on him.

"How is this for a guess then, hmm?" He said teasingly after he had used his inhuman speed to get close to her again and kiss her lips softly.

"I don't make out with my targets, so not a very good guess," she said, keeping the crossbow wedged against Jack's chest. It was a risky move for him, surely he would die if she did decide to just fire the thing, but that made it fun too. She hadn't yet, so his judgment had been right.

"Why not, pretty little hunter? You might have more fun then," he said teasingly before kissing down her neck slowly. The feeling of being so close to her, to feel the warmth of her blood just out of reach safe beneath her skin was tempting.

"I like my job. I'd lose it doing that kinda stuff, and most things rather kill me first. You're just a pest so I'll let you play for a little bit," she said jerking the nose of her bow against his ribs in some warning. He ignored it of course. This was further than he had ever even tried to push her, and he wasn't ready to give up the game just yet.

"I don't think you really like that job as much as you claim," he said smoothly as he kept kissing at her. "Besides, you are too beautiful for that, Natalie."

He grinned when he felt the sag of her weapon at her name. That's right. I haven't called her that before. It's always just hunter this or that. And I'm right. She doesn't like hunting things at all. He didn't let the distraction go to waste, moving quickly to shove her crossbow down and away from himself.

"I think I caught you this time. Brave little hunter. Pretty Natalie," he breathed against her neck a moment before sinking his fangs into her.