[CC] Courtship Art: Teo X King

1 year, 5 months ago

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Author's Notes

King and Teo are courting, Teo splits open the earth to reveal a hidden water source (and gemstones), King meanwhile, uses those stones to build a nest for them

Teo paced through the cenote, likely annoying the other dragons that also called the cenote home; but in this, he needed to keep moving; King was late.... the other dragon had agreed to an impromptu..... outing at the very last minute, of course, if she'd declined, well... he'd of found another way to get her to come along... maybe by ambushing the spotted female. Still, it hadn't taken much for her to agree, as curious and eager as always about everything. "Sorry I'm late." A voice sounded as King darted into the Cenote, skidding to a halt as her tail wagged... looking more like a dog than anything (though he kept that to himself). "No worries." He responded, waiting only long enough for her to catch her breath before plodding back out of their den, careful to keep his arms tight when King brushed past him; his protofeathers sharp due to his metal heritage.

King was curious, she usually was, but this time it was ramped up as she easily paced alongside the bulkier male; while Teo was always in motion, he didn't just do things on a whim. So of course, when he'd asked her to join him on a foray... of course she'd said yes. The desert soon opened up around them, the sun blazing down and lighting up the sands to bathe them in a golden glow, broken only by a shadow as the barbary falcon soared above them, its sharp eye's looking out for any prey, but even the familiar couldn't keep her attention as Teo led them further into the desert. What was he up to?

He could feel her contained energy as his earth magic rose, showing him what he was looking for; he was courting her... though... he didn't think she realised it yet; and while she was built for speed, she kept pace with him easily; her stamina a sign of her own earth nature. Finally, he slowed, the female slowing with him, her neck frill flared as she peered around curiosity written into her pose ... nothing but open sands around them. Teo grinned, standing back, as a green glow surrounded him, the sands shifting around them as he opened a crevasse to below. He watched as King peered inside, forepaws braced as she caught sight of the hidden treasure, water glittering beyond the opening, free from the sands which fell through the opening.

Finally, it sunk in why Teo had brought her out he was courting her. She yelped as the male pushed her in, but her landing was soft, atop the pile of sand, much cooler to touch; instinct had her rolling out of the way as Teo jumped down after her, waiting only until he was in the sand mountain before pouncing on him, playful in the cavern, the water pristine and glittering, as what light filtered through caught on several gemstones. After a few moments of tussling, King darted off, leaving Teo staring after her, but not for long, she returned with several clusters of gemstones, several she didn't recognise, and slowly started building something. She felt when Teo realised what she was doing; his happiness a brush against her senses. After several moments, the nest was recognisable, a shallow in the much cooler sands, surrounded by the gems around the water; the light catching on parts as it refracted off other gems, the cavern lit gently in a reassuring ambience as the King continued to add to it, even going as far as to carefully places prisms to catch the light further.

Happy with it, King settled into the nest, beckoning for Teo to join her, humming happily as he carefully made his way around her, careful always of his feathers on his arms. She nuzzled him, before resting her head next to his; and Teo... he responded in kind.

Author's Notes

WC: 643
Terrain: Earth