Interruptions in the Rain

4 years, 1 month ago

Set after the end of Inquisition in the Find a Way Timeline. Theme = Fluff and Cuteness between Cullen and Corinne.

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I stared aimlessly at the lake in front of me; noticing the reflections of myself and Cullen within the murky water. My Fereldan knight always on guard. 

“I was glad you managed to help us get away from Skyhold again” Cullen notes breaking the silence between the pair of us; looking down at the brunette woman by his side. 

“Well I thought you could use a change of pace” I add looking upwards noticing the increased bags underneath his golden-brown eyes.

“Well yes… it’s been rather chaotic of late, but I am glad we all managed to defeat that creature” he adds freely, standing close as he’s able as he turns to face me. 

“Without that craziness I wouldn’t have found you” I manage to continue as my smile increases as taking a gently step forward so there is barely any room between us. 

Looking upwards at the bashful blonde; he careful moves the tangled brunette locks from my face as I stare upwards with my reflection now featured within his eyes.

“Y-you may be right there” he adds as they both feel fresh rain causing both to chuckle.

“Always some kind of interruption…” Cullen comments; knowing both of our luck though the time we have been together that therefore we were well over due to be interrupted by someone else and not only the weather. 

“Let them” I continued smirking as I tiptoed slightly cupping his shaven chin; freely taking charge of my commander. Letting the kiss last longer than both of us knew it was good for.

“C-Corinne…” Cullen mumbled as his cheeks turned a fresh shade of crimson as the rain soaked us both. 

“Cullen?” I questioned freely as the rain poured down on our heads. 

“Nothing….” He mumbled as he kissed me back once more as we heard the familiar voice of a member of the inquisition interrupting our moment like always. 

Both of us sharing the knowing look between one and another.