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_a closed species_

  • AGE Restrictions 18+
  • tagged Mature
  • Reason Eye Horror


Please note that this species has many EYES and HORNS all over the body.

It is not intended to be enjoyed by those who are under 18 years of age or those who are easily startled or grossed out by eyes/horns, eye/horn horror, or eye gore.

While all members are encouraged to properly tag and manage their OCs with respect to those who do not want to see such things, we cannot control what every single person does when they upload their character. With that said, DO NOT visit the Characters section if you feel you cannot handle multi-eye creatures or eye horror.

This is a closed original species


3rd Eyes are an ethereal (almost ghostlike) race of humanoid beings that live in the Mirrored plane on a planet called Peili.

3rd Eyes are a fractured race. They are either with light or in darkness, there is no in-between. Sometimes a bad apple is born, but usually bad apples are made from too much curiosity or overwhelming negative feelings taking over them. The light 3rd Eyes are Hallowed and do the holy work of guiding souls. The dark 3rd Eyes are Unhallowed and perform deeds of evil and trickery. Unhallowed 3rd Eyes cannot be cured - it is a path requiring great contemplation and acceptance of darkness to travel down willingly... The mission of 3rd Eyes is to watch through the mirrors for lost souls, human or otherwise. Some they keep and create new 3rd Eyes with and others they pass on to Valo, the northernmost plane, to be reborn as some creature to live a new life. If (or when) an Unhallowed 3rd Eye gets hold of a lost soul, they consume its energy as the plane they are banished to does not lightly give life…

Mandatory on every 3rd Eye

  • Eyes (3+ anywhere on body)
    • Hallowed have white sclera
    • Unhallowed have black sclera
  • Horns (3+ anywhere on body)
  • Tail (for swimming)
  • Arms & Legs (humanoid creatures!)

Pupils Types: denote overall rarity of 3rd Eye

  • Common: Human (circle)
  • Rare: Animal Shapes
  • Legendary: Geometric Shapes
  • Mythic: Crystal Eyes with ANY or NO pupil 

Mutations [add-ons; not required]

  • Pupil Mutation: Any TWO or MORE pupil types on the same 3rd Eye
  • Connecting Eye Mutation: Any number of eyes that connect together - can also conjoin iris' and pupils...
  • Heterochromia: Can happen with every eye a 3rd Eye possesses
  • Eye Pattern Mutation: Any set of eyes in a clear pattern (shapes, mathematical, natural, etc)
  • Crystal Growth: Crystals grow in places on the body in one color/form
  • Multi Arms: May add 2 additional arms to your 3rd Eye
  • Multi Tails: May add an additional tail to your 3rd Eye
  • Body Markings: May add distinct body markings on your 3rd Eye... Remember, 3rd Eyes’ bodies are born --blank-- unless a mutation gene activates.


  1. Always credit MamaLantiis and/or ShuuBunni for the species. Can link our TH or dAs.
  2. Always credit premade adopts with the creator of that adopt. Include credits for any bases used as well.
  3. When making MYOs, always follow the most current trait and rarity lists. Ask questions if you get confused.
  4. You may pay someone to make your MYO for you. Make sure to credit that artist when publishing your 3rd Eye.
  5. Stick to the LORE. This is NOT an open world. We ask that you keep within the limits of the lore for the species.
  6. RP is permitted but in PMs only please.

3rd Eye World Lore

Peili itself is a world with a very thick and soupy atmosphere - one that aids it's most delightful inhabitants: the 3rd Eyes. 3rd Eyes can literally absorb the atmosphere for sustenance and energy. Also thanks to the soupy atmosphere, 3rd Eyes are adept swimmers and, with their light ethereal bodies, can swim even in the air of their (and many other) planet.

Peili is also close to the center of the Mirrored plane and is in the best position to see mirrors into all sorts of planes, worlds, and individual lives. 3rd Eyes find comfort in not being far from their foreign brethren. The Mirrored plane, should you want to know, is the central plane that connects with all planes of existence (there are 5 altogether). Very little life exists in the Mirrored plane unless it can withstand the soupy atmosphere, high density of gravity to hold all the mirrors in place, and the abyss-like cold.

To the NORTH of the Mirrored plane is Valo, the Plane of Light. Here beings of light and benevolence exist on various planets. One planet in particular, Elama, collects the souls from the Mirrored plane and transfers them to the heart of Valo where they return to the Mirrored plane and make their way to their new lives. It is tropical here. To the SOUTH of the Mirrored plane is Konna, the Plane of Darkness and Misdeeds. Unless you have evil in your heart, you do not lightly tread here. Many Unhallowed are banished here. The plane and all the planets in it are fragmented and broken. Life is very hard here. To the EAST of the Mirrored plane is Sokeri, the Plane of Kindness and Love… a delightful and fun plane with all manner of peaceful creatures. It is mild in temperature here. To the WEST of the Mirrored Plane is Sota, the Plane of War and Strife (also where the human planet, Earth, exists). Here it is dry and warm.

Peili is governed by the Tri-Council and votes on laws, ordinances, punishments, etc for the 3rd Eyes of Peili. To be a member of the Tri-Council, one must be of the divine age range, meaning you must have at a minimum 75 horns. Then, of course, a spot on the council must be opened and then you must be voted in by the other 3rd Eyes. Spots can be vacated through misuse of power and other corruption, not doing the job you are seated for, vacating the seat for any number of reasons, and by death (tho that is incredibly rare).

The Tri-Council has arranged a ranking of age ranges to best determine where a 3rd Eye fits in the world. While these "best fit" scenarios are not set in stone, most newly born 3rd Eyes gravitate towards the recommendations for at least a little while until they get a better feel for the world and their people therein. There are lots to do and see in the world(s), so don't feel like your 3rd Eye has to be chained to this list - this is merely a starting point:

# of Horns : Rank Name : Best Fit

  • 1-24 : Eyeling : Soul Helper
  • 25-49 : Collector : Soul Gatherer (for maternal uses)
  • 50-74 : Elevated : Maternal or Law Enforcement
  • 75-99 : Divine : Officiate or Traveler / World-Hopper
  • 100+ : Retired : Scholars (and basically whatever they want to do within reason)
The Unhallowed World to the South: KIPU
To the South of the Mirrored plane is Konna which harbors the planet Kipu. This planet is the small "oasis" that the Hallowed 3rd Eyes banish Unhallowed 3rd Eyes to. And on Kipu, several species of creatures prey on the Unhallowed 3rd Eyes as a prized food source. Fighting and fleeing are inevitable, and most Unhallowed 3rd Eyes will find a way to sacrifice the weak among them so the strong can survive. Hallowed 3rd Eyes do not need to police this planet. The gravity is so strong that it is almost impossible to escape it's gravitational pull once you are in it. Only the exceptionally strong Unhallowed 3rd Eyes are able to escape it by sheer brute force! Once they do, they wreak havoc on Peili and the Hallowed 3rd Eyes until their ultimate demise.

Biology, Life, Lifestyles

3rd Eye Biology: What they look like...
3rd Eyes are basically humanoid in appearance: two legs, two to six arms, a head, a torso, a tail(s), any number of horns, and eyes in quantities of 3 or greater. Despite the normal aging conventions, 3rd Eyes can have more eyes than horns, more horns than the usual number of eyes based on age, and anything in between though that is RARE. 3rd Eyes bleed a color that is just a few steps darker than their skin color. 3rd Eyes do not have toes. They have four fingers and a thumb on every hand with webbing between their fingers. Hair is any length, style, color, etc. Ears are elven in virtually any style as long as you can tell they are elven.
Hallowed 3rd Eyes have skin tones that are not desaturated or dark grays to black. Unhallowed have severely desaturated skin tones or dark grays to black. Both Hallowed and Unhallowed 3rd Eyes have shiny and shimmery skin. In addition, Unhallowed 3rd Eyes have a black sclera and any colored pupil while Hallowed 3rd Eyes have a white sclera (or their sclera can be a lighter version of their eye color) and any eye color. Unless mutated, all eyes have the same pupil color and sclera color.
3rd Eye Biology: Birth
3rd Eyes, while enjoying the carnal acts of pleasure making, cannot have children in the normal fashion. They must have a lost soul, consume that soul, and then infuse the soul with their napa and feed it with the napa’s neste (the napa is a cord in their body that transfers the neste, a form of nutrient essential for life, to the developing soul). The resulting birth is celebrated by 3rd Eyes from all over gathering to bring gifts the new 3rd Eye will need once born, and celebrating the parent for accepting the pain of life.
The Syntyma Celebration lasts 3 days at which time the new 3rd Eye is born as a small adult version. They have their first 3rd Eye already visible and usable, their first horn (still soft), their tail, walk immediately, can talk immediately, and they have the memories of their parent 3rd Eye to work off of. In less than a week, the newly born 3rd Eye is a full adult, and their parent is healed and back to what they did before the Syntyma Celebration. Beyond that, parent and child really have no further interaction.
3rd Eye Biology: Aging, Bodies, Life, and Lifestyles
3rd Eyes accept all lifestyles, are not shy about their bodies, can copulate with anyone of any gender (and identify any way they choose), and can change their gender parts at will (as well as the appearance of their gender parts without affecting usability). They wear fantasy-styled clothing that is generally light in weight that also allows for ALL eyes to see freely (or as close to it as possible).
Their bodies range from thin to obese. They have belly buttons but no nipples or areolas. 3rd Eyes are ageless and look like young adults their entire lives. They can be killed by things like disease, poison, murder, etc. But not by time. They count their years by the 100s. Every 100 years of life, they can cut a new horn somewhere on their body. Every 100-300 years, they can earn a new eye somewhere on their body.
A new horn being cut is a great occasion, but a new eye appearing is a celebration! The Rites of Silma happen when a 3rd Eye blinks a new eye for the first time. The celebration is only a few hours but is vibrant, bright, and wild to give the new eye as much interaction to learn from and adjust to.



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