Cursed Club's Bulletins

Some Background

Posted 1 year, 2 months ago by Chaos_moth

So there are escapees from a lab where they do “experiments” on “willing” people/animals to help the military win wars. These experiments are changing individuals' DNA… Axelrod a void monster heard of these things happening and broke into one of the operations, freeing the experiments and monsters. There are still other beings in different labs, there is also a dark forest where creatures roam free. Axel set up homes and places to stay for the beings that he helped escape. He exposed this place to the world so “normal” people are aware of these beings that escaped. Axel knew that some people would try and take the escapees away so he put a warning out saying that if anything were to happen to them they would personally deal with him (which he took down an entire operation single-handedly, so like… he finna mess them up) Now this was years ago, the world has adjusted to the monsters and things, but there are still operations going on, and the forest is still filled with monsters. Every week/month (undecided) they meet up at Axelrod’s house for the “Cursed Club” (his daughter came up with the name) and have a meeting discussing things, like how they are doing, if they’ve gotten any information on the other operations. While the adults discuss the children go out back to the yard and play around in the “Club House” it’s Junebugs (Axel's adopted daughter) treehouse, will the children go to the forest behind Axelrod’s mansion?.. Or will they stay in the yard? Will more creatures escape from the labs? Will monsters start to come out of the forest?...

Possible Ideas

Posted 1 year, 2 months ago by Chaos_moth

So these individuals of the "club" have either been cursed, experimented on, or were born monsters. (i.e June-Bug was experimented on and was turned inhuman, and Axel-Rod is a monster)