• PLEASE READ: Hello, its really important to credit Sofykoh as the creator of your Fysaera adopts! This is so she can easily keep track of all the designs on just by searching her designs folder.
  • WHY: This process also helps verify your adopt and gives her the ability to set the exchange abilities of the adopt and add her artist TOS. It sort of also acts like a helpful easy masterlist. If this isn't done the adopt will not show up in her designs section on, so please help us by giving proper creator credit!
  • IMPORTANT: If you do not have Sofykoh as creator of your Fysaera, you may recieve a kind message from staff just asking you to fix it no biggie! Please enjoy the species and world hub! If you need any help with this process dm a mod~ Please do not dm Sofykoh!
  • SELLING: Selling rules are simple, Purchased adopts can be sold for the price you paid, traded or gifted. Adopts obtained via trade can be traded or gifted. Adopts obtained via gift can only be gifted away. Please talk to sofy about adding additional art value. Always check our masterlist sheet if your unsure of value and reach out to an admin.
  • TRANSFERRING: Its very important to notify Sofykoh when you are trading, selling, gifting or otherwise transferring a fysaera so we can keep our masterlist up to date! Please use the form found above to do this! Its called Transfer Fysaera~



Welcome to Fysaera Kingdom! This is not an official species world, is it a hub for the fan group of Fysaeras~

Fysaera are beings that live high in the sky, in a kingdom in the clouds. It is their duty as a species to paint the clouds the colours they are. Their bodies are made of clouds, and thus they weigh close to nothing. This also means that Fysaera are not born in a biological way. Their Gods are the only ones that can create new Fysaera with their magical abilities. Queen Rosaline is the only one capable of creating new Gods.

New Fysaera babies are born in a rather peculiar way. Fysaera that want to become a parent offer an item with a strong sentimental value to one of the Gods. It's up to that God to decide whether to bless that Fysaera with a small child.
The item that was offered will become the baby's tail item. When a baby is born, at first their tail wil be closed, and as they age it will open bit by bit, for the item to be fully visible once the Fysaera reaches adulthood.
Fysaeras age slower than humans, and do not die of old age. A fully matured Fysaera is about 100 years old, and then their aging generally stops, making most appear around 20-30 years old.

Due to Fysaera not being born in a biological way, their appearances can differ greatly. Even families can look nothing like each other, each member having vastly different traits.
A Fysaera's class can be determined by their traits, the more rare and extravagant their traits, the higher the class.
This is why most Fysaera take great pride in their traits, and like showing them off. Hardly anyone would, for example, cover up their tail, or cut their hair short; those are important traits that the Gods have chosen for them, and hiding would only mean hiding a part of yourself.




Duties include: Running the discord group, overseeing things and fysaera adopt credits on toyhouse.



Helps to run the Discord group and world!



Manages discord group permissions and roles



Species Owner, Creator, & Artist

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