✦About Species

50843259_3ndSVREAu7nRqVu.jpgSpirishell is a creature in the species of sea slug or snail, which has fluffy paws, big round eyes, and bean-like body shape. They have a chubby appearance and 8 legs. They are spirit animals that live in objects. Spirishell is a social creature so they have to live with others of their kind or another species.

In ancient times, people believed that spirishells possess the power and are resided by both good and evil spirits of their ancestors or warriors. The name Spirishell comes from the word ‘Spirit’ and ‘Shell’.

Originally, Spirishell had no shell. They can only hide in an object and use it as a temporary shelter. They will get their real ‘shell’ if they receive it from their partners. Spirishell without a partner is called ‘Wild One’ so the Wild One doesn't have any shell to protect themselves.

Concept of ‘World of Spirishell’ is a type of fantasy RPG Game.

Spirishell’s background ; SLUGKU

Spirishell design originates from ‘Slugku’ on twitter, my AU from ‘My Hero Academia’ based on the character Izuku Midoriya.

At first, it’s just a fun idea. But the more I draw Slugku, the more I fall in love with him and the more I want to do for him. He is like my own son. So I think it will be interesting if he becomes a species.

Before he became a closed species, I wrote a story about a wicked demon who killed a lot of people and tried to conquer the land. But in the end, humans sent a sorcerer to fight him. The demon fell in love with the sorcerer so the sorcerer sealed the demon inside the body of a fluffy sea slug. (It is on my AO3, I can’t show it here it is nsfw and BL)

There is another side story about Slugku as a pet adopted from a shelter.

I'm happy to see my parody character grew up with more stories and his world expanding. And I hope you will have fun with them too!


📜 About Shell📜 How can we find a Shell?
Most of Spirishell has their Shell, unless they are 0 star in the ML card. The stars determined how rare they are and what they can use as a hideout.

  • 0 star = Not exceed AB : No shell
  • 1 star = AB 1 : Common
  • 2 stars = AB 2 : Uncommon
  • 3 stars = AB 3 : Rare (No Humanoid form)
  • 4 stars = AB 4 : Rare (With Humanoid form)
  • 5 stars = Custom Only : Subspecies (With Humanoid or not they still count as 5 stars)
These are examples of how we do the auction. The owner decided how rare they are through purchasing.
First of all. Most of slug received their first Shell from auction. Or Trading / purchase in the discord server (Coming soon)

  • No Shell : Stray slug has no shell. We still can be friends with them though.
  • AB 1 : Common : Spirishell that hides in the little object such as piece of fabric, gemstone, button etc.
  • AB 2 : Uncommon : Spirishell that hides in accessories.
  • AB 3 : Rare : Spirishell that hides in big object which owner uses for wearing or as weapon
  • AB 4 : Rare + Human form : Same as rare but they are now had human form
  • Subspecies’s Shell are the same with AB4
📜 If they had no owner they are powerless
📜 How to choose a Shell for your slug
They had nothing to cover themselves or to protecting themselves but they can use some object as a temporary home for hiding from their predators. When their owner gives the shell for them It’s like they are gaining power back. You gave the home to them. They appreciate that from their heart. Finally they are home.
The shell you choose for them is in the area of not more than its rarity.

for example,

Your slug is a 3 stars Rare
You can use common, uncommon and rare’s shell.

Meanwhile if your slug is a 1 star common slug you can’t use uncommon or rare’s shell.


There are different types and special traits of them
  • Armor: Have scales or hard parts in the body. Have a lot of strength but move slowly.
  • Swift: Lightweight, have fluffy hair and parts for aviation.
  • Fighter: Have horns, claws or sharp parts on their body for attacking.
  • Saint: Have the ability to heal. Have an angelic pattern on their body.
  • Demon: Have magic to curse their enemies and have tattoos.
  • Elemental: have the power of elements in their body.
Spirishell has 11 elemental types: metal, earth, flame, thunder, wind, dark, pollution, water, ice, light, and grass.

Every spirishell will have 1 elemental type in their ID CARD.