Gender . Role . TH
The shopkeeper who sold everything that he could find.

He has a provocative habit and likes to tease customers by picking up things from their hands at the speed of light to make them shocked.

Masaaki often offered strange goods and then made a long speech about how good the product was. And for those who dare to bargain with him, he'll immediately jump and bite their head, so he must wear a mouth guard to avoid hurting the customer.

He frequently closes the store to look for products to sell inside.


Gender . Role . TH
You will often hear the sound of steel clattering against his hand when Shochan is trying to count Seashell money with extreme sensitivity.

He may be a sober slug, but his accuracy is top-notch. We finally have a wise slug who is a pro at math for once in a blue moon!
He is considered to be the most important slug in Malmillion, together with his team at the bank.

However, despite being a calculated nerd,  he's not the best at exploring. He often has poor luck when he has to travel or go on a diplomatic mission.

You will definitely run into him at the bank if you intend to deposit money or conduct financial transactions.


Gender . Role . TH
good-humored guide

He is always cheerful and playful, and often takes people to travel to different places. Sightseeing and nature.
When you compliment him, he will blush and have more energy to work.

The lava on his body was not as hot as expected, the temperature emitted was not too high. able to give warmth to the person next to him

“The heat is a kind of romance! This is Laventine's motto. Light a fire in your heart and let's go on a journey together, that’s the Spirit!


Gender . Role . TH
Immigration who are often sleepy

“It's not good to sleep on duty like this!” said one of the guards standing beside him.

Yawn...yawn.. Stormside spends most of its time sleeping. Those who come to Malmilion often say that his personality looks like lazy creatures from World called cats. But he wondered what a cat looked like?

Well, if he travels, will he see a cat? Ah but nevermind, better take a nap. Only during winter will he be fully awake.