Crevlon Litters

genre name

open to rp


Universal Litter Rules
No resale without notifying me first. I may want to buy them back, and I also want to keep track of where they are going*
Always check with me before gifting, trading, selling, co-owning, or otherwise trading ownership of the litter pup. I have a small black list of people who are not to own my litter pups due to varying reasons. This will likely not interfere with resales!
You may change names, personalities, and minimally alter designs.
Parents' names and designer must be on all future reference sheets.
Breeding is ok after 6 months of ownership (if you purchase the pup from someone else, you must own it for 6 months first).
Do not copy litter themes without first asking me, as I may be continuing themes in the lineage myself.
Do not re-create the character in toyhouse. I will transfer ownership to you so the ownership logs remain intact (on all litters starting in 2022).
Have fun and enjoy your new pup! Feel free to always notify me of art or writing you make/purchase of them, I love getting updates!