Viroxa Prime


Class 3 Habitable Desert Planet

Population 5.8 Million

Viroxa is a desert planet covered in treacherous mountains and gouging canyons. Two major continents are separated by the Dune Sea, a vast ocean of sand that moves with a planetary current.


Year 2648

The Viroxa System was discovered in the far reaches of the universe almost 150 years ago and it contained 7 planets circling a red star. As the generational starship Kota surveyed the system and deployed its unpowered Hyper Beacon, it suffered an unknown anomaly that ended in the Kota's destruction. Escape pods, mining vessels, and homestead machines deployed to the only inhabitable planet in the system: A vast desert planet now known as Viroxa Prime Within a year of landing on Viroxa Prime, the newly formed government assembled a crew of unlikely heroes that embarked on a seemingly impossible expedition to power the Hyper Beacon. After the miraculous completion of their mission, communications were established with the inner galaxy. Viroxa Prime was ready to flourish. The first 44 years of settling on Viroxa Prime, the economy slowly grew. With the help of corporate sponsors, mining towns and small cities established themselves on large stone mesas and oases. The largest oasis has served as a foundation for New Viroxa, a fast paced metropolis that is commonly referred to as 'The Hub'. Although the average traveler was deterred by the hot, dry climate, the hard working types looking to make an honest credit in mining, agriculture, and moisture harvesting found that jobs were very abundant.

Year 2694

Hyper Blight: Nobody really knows how or why it happened, but just months before the 45th anniversary of landing on Viroxa Prime the Hyper Beacon malfunctioned. An anomaly was discovered. Hyperspace travel had become nonexistent. Hyperspace navigations failed to operate and the entire solar system seemed to loop in on itself, prohibiting ships from traveling much further than the orbit of the furthest planet.

Year 2791

97 years later. Crime is common and law enforcement is often left to machines if it's even enforced. Vital resources are often fought over as gangs of scavengers plunder farming communities and mining operations that are scattered throughout the desert. Large cities are unable to feed their bulging populations and water has become even more scarce as wells and deposits have dried up throughout the last few decades. The assassination of Thameena Veada left SysTech Incorporated in a chaotic spiral. Several board members fight over claims of who's to be the next CEO, allowing their rival corporation XERAco to begin monopolizing on the plant's dwindling resources. Groups of ragtag adventures banded together with a scavenger gang and several of the indigenous Lizan tribes. They took this opportunity to liberate the bustling city of Glimmerrise, several privately owned moisture farms, and a dusty little town they renamed Scraptown. In the heat of a raid on the SysTech power facility, Calanthe Xeranos, XERAco CEO and matriarch, struck hard into the heart of SysTech. She used her incredible magic abilities to kill Macerious Virsel, acting CEO, potential matriarch candidate Jesyntha Colrai, and a handful of other individuals. This sent SysTech into another downward spiral. With the competition out of the way, XERAco is allowed to reign unchecked. Calanthe made the executive decision to use acquired resources and proceed with building Xeranos Station to reduce the meddling of anticorporate factions and any interference from MoOTH&ER and the Viroxan Planetary Authority.

Year 2792 (CURRENT)