Hyaline is an Earth-like planet that orbits a main sequence star. Its sky features rings comprised of rock and three moons that shepherd them. Life was born after the continents had already formed, segregating the very first fingerprints- extraordinary biodiversity evolved in its wake.

The planet is known among its inhabitants as many things- Nierio (Lune) or Kazauthi (Rriork-th) are but only two of them. In Lune, the rough translation is “Hyaline”, reflecting the Gukeur people’s preoccupation with the sky and ocean they are surrounded by.

The three moons are known as Amarh, Elun and zarel'k by the Gukeur people.




A single world government was dreamed of by colonizers from another planet - Ziograu, they call themselves. They built a city from which to rule and named it Arifeux. It is bathed in brilliant gold and sterile white. It is the most technologically advanced location on the planet. The language of Arifeux is Rriork-th.

Their attempt at world governance failed, however; Nature won, because Hyaline was not made for them. They are weak and dwindling in number. The reach of their influence eventually came to an end.

Ziograu remain the rulers of their city. Its citizens have lineage native to the planet, though they no longer know how to survive it. Ziograu know this. They know because they architectured it. They do not need to kill those who attempt to escape; nature will do that for them.

As a result of their failed colonization attempt, each populated area has its own unique form of government with no other to link them. The world outside these golden walls is incredibly varied, with each population free to develop its own way of life independently of one another. Trade between populated locations are mostly localized to areas easy to reach by boat or animal companion, whether those be of land or of the sky.



Hyaline has no countries or relationships based exclusively on location. Instead it has factions, each of which is dedicated to one or a number of Kigi anek’oko - ancient entities that roam the planet. Roughly translated, their name means "the Diplomats".

The most catastrophic wars of Hyaline’s past have arisen from crimes committed by the diplomats themselves. They earned their status as diplomats for their subsequent success as mediators, knowing best of all what conflict looks like. The worst of them are under the care of Oreun and their vault.

Each of the diplomats appear to be of known species origin, but are mutated in bizarre ways. They move and speak unnaturally and have characteristics so unusual one could easily mistake it for magic - Kol, for instance, has flames erupting from their eyes, nose and mouth, yet they alight nothing. 

It is for these reasons they are revered as though they are gods, even to those who know they are biomechanical in nature. 

None of the diplomats remember how they came to be. None of them have a sense of personal identity. They exist with purpose.


Genre Sci-fantasy horror
Setting An alien planet
Rating 18+
Number of projects Three