Magic & Element Guide

General Magic Guide

Lunitera have magical abilities, which manifest in a variety of ways.  Their Lightstones show their elemental affinities by color, and also allow their heads to float a short distance above their body.  Mana-eaters have stronger magic than nectar-eaters or plant-eaters, due to their constant passive absorption of environmental mana.

Lightstones are the source of a Lunitera’s magic and a Lunitera often has several.

Element Guide

Lunitera can have a variety of elemental affinities, which determine part of their magical abilities.  All Lunitera have an affinity with light, though some have another and/or stronger affinity.

The current list of Lunitera affinities is:

  • Light - the basic Lunitera affinity, light Lunitera are the most common type. [Common] (White or Light Yellow Lightstones)
  • Toxic - some Lunitera are poisonous, this manifests in an affinity with poison and an ability to use poison magic. [Uncommon] (Purple Lightstones)
  • Water - Some Lunitera have the ability to live in water as Catera, and retain this ability through adulthood thanks to their water affinity.  They can breathe in water and use water magic. [Rare]
  • Fire - Some Lunitera are particularly fond of flames, these Lunitera have fire affinities and are able to survive extremely hot temperatures, such as a fire, as well as use fire magic.  [Rare] (Red Lightstones)
  • Plant - Some Lunitera are particularly good at helping plantlife, these Lunitera have plant affinities and can make plants grow faster, as well as use plant magic.  [Rare] (Green Lightstones)
  • Spirit - Some Lunitera have affinities with the otherworldly and spirits, and have a spirit affinity.  These Lunitera are able to summon spirits, as well as use spirit magic.  [Legendary] (Silver Lightstones)
  • Night - Some Lunitera have a particular affinity for the night, and have Night affinities.  These Lunitera are able to disappear into darkness and shadows, and use darkness and shadow magic.  [Legendary] (black Lightstones)

Additionally, dual-affinity Lunitera exist, where they have two affinities.

  • Light Dual - some Lunitera have light affinities, in addition to another non-light affinity.  These Lunitera have Lightstones of both colors.  [Rare]
  • Non-Light Dual - Some Lunitera have a weak light affinity in comparison to their other two affinities, these Lunitera have only one white Lightstone and their other Lightstones are the other affinities’ colors.  [Legendary]

Elemental Magic Guide

This is currently a work in progress.