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hewwo welcome 2 cheeriko's twsted angle hope u enjoy ur stay !!!

i will be updating this place all the time so i can chaos and answer people from 3 accounts lol

if anyone is having troubles with my templates, please check the forums - i might not have time to help but i'll do my best

i will be answering from cheeriko, cheerikola, or mochee bc sometimes i forgor where i am

Latest Bulletin

Hihi! Sorry I'm so damn slow guys > ~ < / I PROMISE I'M DOING MY BEST !!! my brain just focuses on certain things at certain times lol

This is just an update on where I'm at with everything!

  • I will not be adding any new packs/singles/etc. to Gumroad. Their fees are WILD and like...juggling all the shops is hectic for me haha. I might end up taking listings down in the future (obv everything will be up on Ko-Fi, it'll just be Gumroad and old purchasers will still get any new updates!)
  • Single listings for HTML/CSS that are not already on Ko-Fi WILL be added eventually! 
  • I will also be updating all DA listings eventually and added what's not there to DA. 
  • CSS packs will be made after I get all my old ones out, if anyone wants to wait for a bigger deal.
  • I'm going to continue migrating old HTML to cheeriko - I'm didn't mean to stop abruptly and leave it split > ~ < // my apologies !
I really want to update everything faster but I am one (1) people with very finite energy haha THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO'S BEEN SO PATIENT WITH ME THOUGH!!! it really means a lot <33