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The Witch-Patron Society (TWPS) is a university student group devoted to serving Osis, The Dark Overlord.¹ They meet in one of the library's conference rooms every Tuesday and Thursday evening. If they can reserve the room, they also try to meet on Saturdays, too.

Every meeting comes with an agenda to honor or serve The Dark Overlord. Activities include candle-lit rituals, ghost hunting, researching supernatural phenomena, watching scary movies, playing Jackbox, eating family-size chip bags, window-shopping Etsy, exorcisms, going to Walmart, having tea parties, and much, much more.

TWPS is open to those who have been blessed by The Dark Overlord, those who think they may become blessed, and those who wish to learn more about The Dark Overlord. Blessings² are gifts from The Dark Overlord that take the form of supernatural abilities, and are granted only to those in service to The Dark Overlord or those who are deemed otherwise worthy.

¹ The Dark Overlord is not real. TWPS is officially registered as a gaming/fandom club.
² Blessings are also not real. The supernatural powers are all made up.

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