Timeline Categorization



Fragments have a simple, yet elegant, method of categorizing Timelines in order to effectively take care of them. In charge of this is Finley, the administrator who invented the categorization system and handles its documentation. All Timelines that the COR is aware of receive a designation, even if the Timeline (and its Frags) are not aligned with the COR.

The rest of this page is written from an in-Universe standpoint; consider it a small informational document sent to new COR Frags.



Determine the number of alive Gladar (AG) in Universe Core as of present day (defined as the current year in the Eucaritian calendar).
  1. If AG > 300, Timeline falls within A-I.
  2. If AG < 300, Timeline falls within K-W.
  3. If AG is above 1000, Timeline is a X Timeline.
  4. If AG is above 300 but any of the four Bereave individuals (Continuum, Alphard [unfused], Red, Gladwin/Virgil) are dead, Timeline is a Y Timeline.
  5. If AG is 0, Timeline is a Z Timeline.
  6. If Eucaritia does not exist or is destroyed as of present day, Timeline is a J Timeline.
  7. Exact specifications are done by Finley & his team during Timeline inspection.


Determine number of Time Gladar wars (TGW) as of present day.
  1. If TGW = 2, Timeline remains single-lettered (ex. A).
  2. If TGW < 2, TImeline adds a B (ex. AB).
  3. If TGW > 2, Timeline adds a C (ex. AC). 
  4. If TGW is 0, Timeline adds a D (ex. AD).
  5. If the Time Gladar never banded, add a Z. (ex. AZ).
Further "secondary" designations not listed here are under Special Cases.


Determine whether or not the Time & Space Gladar have fought a war.
  1. If they have never fought a war, Timeline falls in the range of 1-100,000 or 10,000,001+
  2. If they have fought only one, TImeline falls in the range of 100,001-1,000,000.
  3. If they have fought more than one, Timeline falls in the range of 1,000,001-10,000,000.
  4. If they have fought exactly 10, Timeline falls under the branch JA.
  5. if your Timeline's number appears taken, please contact Finley (Rest & Reformation) to receive the Special Cases pamphlet.


Determine number of natural Fragments.
  1. If Natural Fragments number is under 10, do not alter the naming scheme.
  2. If Natural Fragments number is between 11-500, double the letters (i.e. AA or AABB).
  3. If Natural Fragments are above 500, triple the letters (i.e. AAA or AAABBB). 
Once your information has been determined, please speak to Finley (Rest & Reformation) to receive the official number for your Timeline (determined by the COR).

did you know?

The Main Timeline's designation is A-1!

special cases?

Were you unable to quantify your Timeline through the methods above? Don't worry, Finley can help you quantify how your Timeline should be sorted! Each Special Case is unique and individual, but here is a cheat sheet of common secondary/tertiary designations (i.e. the second & third letter):

  • E = the Color Gladar never split off and formed their own war
  • F = Alphard never fused
  • M = Quiet City never formed
  • O = Infinity was never born 
  • Q =  Only one Gladar was ever born
  • X = Kismet is dead
  • H = Timeline is chronologically behind the others (current year in Eucaritia is below 21,412,934,238,621,000).
For example, a Timeline with 300 Alive Gladar but without Infinity and below the Eucaritian year 21,412,934,238,621,000 would be categorized as AOY-??, the number decided by Finley during inspection.

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