hi, welcome to myvstrica! it's a world for our closed and semi-open species! you can find all the info on the website!!

feel free to join even if you don't have any myvstrican characters yet!

> MYO approval thread <

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here's chroma, our free to use character! you can use them for events and such if you don't feel like using your own characters

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halloween event! (over!!!)

Posted 3 years, 7 months ago by mykocalico

hey! i've never done this before... feel free to ask about anything that might not be clear!
anyway, oh wow we're doing this

SO here's what this is about: just draw something halloween-themed (costumes, trick-or-treating, decorating, doing something ~spooky~) with your myvstrican character(s)*, and you get A Prize!
the prizes: a MYO slot for one of our closed species OR one spooky upgrade for any of your myvstricans! you earn one prize per character in the image! you can draw more than one image, too
note: if your drawing has a background (with actual effort put into it) you get Another prize for your troubles, because backgrounds are hell
*you can also draw chroma!

additionally, during this event you can make one halloween-themed CS character, if you want! you don't need to draw anything for this one, just make your design and then submit it for approval!

(( and speaking of MYOs, reminder that semi-open species MYOs are still open! submit them to the thread above as well <3 ))

edit to add another note: you get 2 extra sproutcoins both for drawing for the halloween-themed pics and for the halloween-themed MYO pic!

the event will end on november 1st! but you can ask for an extension if you need it


enjoy spooky fen (so this isn't so empty and boring)