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What are Jellocats?

Hello and welcome to JelloIsland ! This group is the place where all fans of Jellocats come together. People live together with their cats, send them on missions, do holidays or go for a search to find their own Jellocat.

On Jello Island, your cat can find a lot of items and ingredients for potions and crafting. There is a market, banks and your cat is able to level up and get a higher rank inside its society if you decide to interact with it. Check out the Introduction to get started!

Jellocats are a closed species by TaNa-Jo. Jellocats are little cats made out of pure jello. They can perfectly sit in both of your hands or grow even bigger than you are. Check out the Species Guide for more information!

Jellocats are friendly creatures but every jellocat has its own character. They all are individual. They do not like to live alone and once a human finds them, they will be attached to their human forever. Jellocats always search for jello so their body keeps its form and energy. Other than that, they drink sugar water / pure water to keep their consistency. Sadly, some jellocats have bite marks, because sometimes they get eaten. They just are way too tasty. Jello and water rebuild them - luckily.

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