Welcome to Paranormal Activity!

This world is dedicated to the occult. All things that go bump in the night are welcome, as well as humans!

The roleplay doesn't have to be spooky and violent - there will be dedicated plots, however anything is welcome! If you have a friendly werewolf who acts more like a domestic dog, go for it!

Feel free to send in a request if you'd like to join.


General Rules

1. Treat your fellow RPers with kindness. The fastest way to get kicked from this world is being a dick.

2. Avoid anything a RP partner has told you they're not comfortable with. Joking about someone being triggered will result in a warning and eventually removal.

3. No topics, including rape, murder, et cetera are taboo here. However, keep explicit sexual content to the R18+ board. Anyone underage who is found to be participating in sexual content will be removed from the group without warning.

4. Characters must be at least 13 for the sake of all our consciences.

5. No godmodding! You will get 3 warnings before being removed from the group.

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