Basic Information


Welcome to the world for Hood Pups!  You can also find this species on DeviantArt (Needs Revamp) and EvoCrit.

Hood Pups are a canine-like species characterized by the hoods that they wear nearly all the time.

Halloween Event

Event ends 12/1/18 at 1pm PST.
It is now a spooky time in the world, and all kinds of things are happening!  Draw one or more of the following themes (and post it on the EvoCrit site!) for rewards:

  • Black and Orange
  • White and Orange
  • Bats or bat wings
  • Cats or cat-like things
Be sure to also post your drawing in the forums, so others can see them!

Extra Rewards:


(AP or Activity Points are a special currency used to get Activity or Event-related items.)