Ramiro Mano



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Oh, hey. You're here to give me some of that sweet vibes of yours?
Ramiro Mano
Miro, Mr. Mano, Ram, Ra
25 years old
Trans Man
5'8" (172.72 cm)
Goldenrod City
Elite 4 of Johto (Electric)
Chaotic Good
Dating Terrance
  • Vibes. Give them those sweet good vibes.
  • Alolan shirts. What? You mean to tell me your whole wardrobes isn't full of them?
  • Surfing. While he can't really do it in Johto, he enjoys doing it whenever he visits Alola.
  • Jazz. Sometimes a good vibe session is listening to jazz in the middle of night with his Pokemon flop on you.
  • Winter. Why in the world does that season exist? He hates the snow that comes with it.
  • Haunted dolls. Terry, Ramiro really loves you but please bringing in these haunted dolls to his house.
  • Spiders. They are evil, and he refuses to stay in the same room as one.
  • City. Despite living in the city, he's actually not fond of being in one.

With the seperation of the Johto League and Indigo League, Champion Ethan realized they were missing one additional member for the Elite 4. After some searching, the young man elected to make Ramiro Mano take the last spot. Originally coming from Alola, Ramiro moved to Johto as a means to get away from his overbearing parents. When you first meet him, you'll find that Ramiro is a mature, kindhearted guy that tends to be laidback most of the time. He's the type of person who often put others before himself since he values the health of those he love over his own. He's the type of person that enjoys challenging himself as a means to become better and stronger. He has a soft spot for the Pichu line and those who are often referred to as "Pikaclones" to the point that he is willing to collect as many as he can. To him, he doesn't see the Pokemon as being cheap copies and willing to take any unwanted off of others hands.

  • I been told by friends that apparently Ramiro is BigGayFish core. I have learned to accept this fact. If you want to know a fun fact about his last name, Mano means shark in Hawaiian as a nod to said friend mentioned.
  • Figuring out his Pokemon Team took a bit of trial and error since I originally planned to give him a team full of "Pikaclones" but decided against that.
  • Figuring out Ramiro's personality was quite easy compared to his partner since I based some bits of his personality on my half brother.
  • As of this post, Ramiro is the only Elite 4 member that entirely uses electric types.
Complete Team



Pancake the Alolan Raichu

The best friend of Ramiro and a male Alolan Raichu that comes with the ability Surge Surfer. This naughty Pokemon is known for having Psychic, Nasty Plot, Thunderbolt and Focus Blast. His mate is Terry's Gengar.

Hidden Weapon


Muffins the Ampharos

A female Ampharos that comes with the ability Static (or Mold Breaker in mega form). This dramatic Pokemon is known for having Hidden Power (Ice), Thunderbolt, Focus Blast and Dragon Pulse.

Physical Attacker


Neapolitan the Alolan Golem

A male Alolan Golem that comes with the ability Magnet Pull. This jolly, old Pokemon is known for having Fire Punch, Earthquake, Wild Charge and Stone Edge. He appears to be the mate of Ramiro's Eelektross.

Special Attacker


Smores the Rotom (Heat)

A female Rotom (Heat) that comes with the ability Levitate. This excitable Pokemon is known for having Discharge, Overheat, Dark Pulse and Nasty Plot. She often possess Ramiro's phone.

Special Attacker


Almond the Lanturn

A male Lanturn that comes with the ability Volt Absorb. This quiet Pokemon is known for having Recover, Ice Beam, Scald and Dazzling Gleam. It should be noted that Lanturn is a shiny.



Lemon the Eelektross

A nonbinary Eelektross that comes with the ability Levitate. This protective Pokemon is known for having Volt Switch, Giga Drain, Knock Off and Flamethrower. They were a gift from Terry to Ramiro.