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I love this code! Going to use it :D


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Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu <3

Using this one! :D

tysm! Using for my profile :D

Using for my oc Lux. Ty for making this awesome code free ^^

Used! Thanks so much!!

Using! Thanks for the free code!

Using it for my profile! Thank you so much!

haha funi splatoon name

hello! is there a way to change the biography text so it's not centered?

ill use this for a splatoon character sense the name is inkjet (a special in the game)

Using it for one of my characters! Thank you for making this :)

Using! Thank you so much!

using the profile version of this currently and might also use the character version later! thanks for all your hard work on these codes!!

I used it on my profile! (I added a background as well) I love how simple it is, thank you for making this!

Using! Thank you so much for making these accessible! 

using! thank you so much >

Using on this guy!! Thx for making an amazing free code! <3

OH HES SO COOL! he seems full of spunk :'D tysm for using!

your codes always have exactly what I want in them istgg wth they're too amazing

wuahh thank youuuu!!! TT <33 im glad they can be of use!!

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omg thank you so much!!! ;w; <3333

CATI THIS IS SUPER PRETTY WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

!!!?!?!!! THANK U SO MUCH ELL IM GLAD U THINK SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3333