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Nov, Nova
233 y.o
175cm | 5'9"
68kg | 150lbs
Murderer, Sales associate




  • His favorite color is red.
  • Despite the fact that vampires cannot digest human food without the help of medication, Novak enjoys eating it.
  • He is surprisingly good at taking things apart and putting them back together, and is exceptionally good at macgyvering makeshift weapons.
  • He hates the smell of oranges.
  • He smells strongly of blood and August, but often covers the scent up with cheap cologne.
  • He is often sleep deprived, despite not showing it. Instead of sleeping he spends his nights either walking on the streets or standing out on his balcony, just watching.


Novak is the definition of "no thoughts head empty". He's stupid, and frankly just weird in general. The easiest way to drescribe him is just "freak". He has no morals and is only good at causing trouble. Depite this, however, he holds himself with an eerie sense of composure out in public.

Usually, Novak acts as his own man and usually works alone, but he has a dog-like loyalty to his roommate and will often listen to anything he asks of him, despite the fact that August usually is just taking advantage of him.

He only cares about two things. His roommate, August, and his pet rat, whom he named after his roommate.


Novak had a less than ideal childhood while growing up. Both his parents mistreated him horribly and would often keep him locked in his small bedroom where he was neglected. At the age of fifteen, Novak made the decision to murder the both of them before lighting his home on fire and leaving for good.

From then on, he quickly learned to fend for himself (even if that meant he had to kill and hurt others to get what he needed) and adapted to his new lifestyle. He rarely stayed in one place and would often move around before eventually deciding to seek something more permenant, which required an actual, non murder job.

A few years ago, he met up again with his current roommate, August, and they now live together. They had known eachother prior over thirty years ago, but briefly lost contact for twenty five of those years after August was arrested.


Aug 29, 1788

  • Birth

    Novak was born to an unhappy couple accidentally out of wedlock (Which forced his parents to get married after his birth). It only went downhill from there.

Dec 03, 1803

  • Murder of Parents

    Novak killed his parents in an act of desperation, then burned down the home he grew up in.

Jan 00, 0000

  • Event

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Novak has messy black hair that aprtially covers his face. He does clean up rather nicely if he ever has to, but cannot be bothered most of the time and leaves it as is. He has bright red eyes and a scar over his left eye with another across his nose that connects to it under his eye. Novak also has several other scars on his body, most visibly on his left collar, right side of his chin, two on his left rist, and one on his right forearm. He is often cut up or bruised, either from his roommate or other reasons. He most commonly has scratch marks on his hands, which he does to himself when stressed. He also has permanent, dark eyebags from lack of sleep.

Novak is 5'9" but has a noticable slouch, often making him seem a bit shorter than he really is. He doesn't care too much about what he wears and tends to wear the same thing every day, which usually consisters of a pair of jeans, a coat or jacket, and a tank top or t-shirt, along with an old pair of boots that add another inch or two to his height to make up for his slouch.

He has a stud on his tongue and three piercings on each ear (two rings and an industrial piercing). He rarely wears any accessories aside from these, but always wears a red string tied around his neck. It seems to be important to him somehow, but he never says the exact reason.

Design Notes

  • Red string is always around his neck.
  • Three piercings on each ear.
  • Prominent eyebags.
  • Eye and nose scar are a must, the others are mostly optional.




Novak has known August for several years and is convinced that he is his soulmate. He is utterly obsessed with him, despite the fact that August only uses him for his personal gain and considers him a nuisance. They only became roommates in the last five years after August was released from prison and had nowhere else to go.



Description of relationship here. Can be as long as you want. But it is awkward if it short, so you can add line breaks to make it less weird.



Description of relationship here. Can be as long as you want. But it is awkward if it short, so you can add line breaks to make it less weird.



Description of relationship here. Can be as long as you want. But it is awkward if it short, so you can add line breaks to make it less weird.