Name Lütz Henrich Dayton
Age 29 (No longer aging)
Build Slender
D.O.B. ※December 27th 1869 
Species Vampire
Gender Male ♂
Die/Turned †1898
Pronouns He/Him
Height 178cm
S.Orient. Straight
weight ??
Nationality German
Creator Me
Design Notes

  • "Modern" Era Lütz usually have half-closed eyes with a bored/serious expression
  • White hair, length varies depending on which era.
  • Purple eyes most of the time drawn without any shine in his eyes.
  • Wears calm colours, nothing flashy or too eyecatching or exposing.

Ever since childhood Lütz have been a serious kind of guy, he is polite and knows how to behave.. Seeing the importance of keeping once appearance.
That he wont talk to you doesn't mean that he is shy, it's just that he doesn't really like talking to people, finding mindless chatting boring and unimportant. Having never been a people person he spends most of his time on his own.


  • Not very expressive and doesn't really smile but when he do it's usually while being sadistic to his victim.
  • Same goes for anger, it takes a while for him to bother acting out annoyance, since his expression remains the same his anger can seem to come out of the blue since you get no warning signals before his anger strikes.
  • According to 'Käthe' it's a shame he doesn't smile more to show off those pretty dimples he got.

Lütz was born one late December evening in the year of 1869.
He was the second child of the local doctor and his wife, sadly he wasn't as healthy as his brother and sister.
His usually bad immune system left him bedridden most of his childhood, which made him grow distant to the people outside of his family.
Even with this, his life was far from bad, he had a loving mother and a kind father as well as an older brother that always would tell him stories about the world outside his bedroom window and his younger sister would often come to play in his room with her dolls.
Lütz loved his family dearly but he had ever since the early years felt detached from the rest of the world.
However even when he would fall ill over and over again through his life he always seemed to make it through somehow, even when it looked the darkest.
Or that is how it usually was...
At the age of twenty-nine, he had been battling tuberculosis for quite some time and it started to seem like his time had come at last. Slowly trying to accept that he wouldn't make it through this time.
1898 was not only the year of which the disease grew more violent but also the year he attracted the attention of a certain woman.


  • Blood/Feeding
  • Quality Wine
  • Black coffee
  • Warm Baths with lots of oils
  • Scented candles
  • Waltz
  • His family
  • His friend
  • Power/Being powerful

  • Impolite loud people
  • Cold coffee
  • Being intimate with people
  • Bright Sunny days
  • Talking about religion
  • Weakness
  • His Human life

Theodore J. Elswood | Closes/Oldest friend

Theodore is one of the few people he hangs out with. They met durring an "Oktoberfest" many years ago in Germany. 

At first he found Teddy to just be annoying but after a while he slowly came around, since then he have grown to be one of Lütz most trusted friends.. If not his only friend.

Fay | Pray

In his eyes Fay is a pathetic human.
Her only worth is that her blood is delicious..

Or so he first thought.. After a while he came to the realization that it wasn’t just her blood that he wanted.

Even in fear and with the things he had done towards her she still showed softness which have peaked his interest.

Käthe V. Frei | Lütz Maker

Käthe is a very important person in his life, or at least she were.
When she started to pray on him he feared her but soon fear turned into admiration which turned into desire.. Not for her but for the powers she possessed.
Käthe weren't only his maker but they also shared a kind of 'friends with benefits' relationship even if he didn't really have much interest in any of that or her for that matter.