Käthe V. Frei





Name: Käthe Viveka Frei
Age: 32/158 (Stopped aging)
Gender: Female
Height: 170cm
D.O.B: ※ 22th May1859
S.O: Straight

Died/Turned: † 1891
Nationality: German
Specie: Vampire


1859 - 1891

Not much can be said about Käthe's childhood, she were born sometime in August in the year of 1859.
She grew up in a whore house not sure on which one of the women that really were her mother, as for her father she came to the understanding that he must have been one of the many men that came visit every evening. As a child she dreamed of romance, meeting a handsome stranger that would sweep her of her feet and make her the happiest woman in the world.
But not everyone is that lucky... As she got older her hopes and dreams slowly whitered away leaving only a empty shell. This broke the heart of the women at the brothel who most of them had come to see her as their own daughter, so.. As she turned 16 she received a generous birthday gift from them, money to travel and seek a brighter future somewhere else, they didn't want the sweet child end up like them.
So she left, she traveled as far as she could hoping to be able to change her fate, but as the money started to run thin she started to starve and wandered the streets living on what she could get her hands on. Then one cold autumn, when she felt like her body were about to give in to the cold, a man found her and were 'kind' enough to offer her some food and room for the night.
The man was the owner of a brothel and soon enough.. she were one of his many 'workers'. There she were back in the kind of life she had tried to escape, but being a nobody not even with the ability to read she didn't really have a choice.
And thus she came to service all kind of strangers, luckily for her she were a beautiful woman with fair skin and hair, her eyes were in a redish brown color and she had confident and a strong will still trying to not lowering herself to any price. She would serve only those able to pay well and with a handsome face, which is what led her to the stranger that would change her life completely. Dark hair and eyes with broad shoulders and fancy clothes, that was the man she seduced one evening, or atleast that was what she thought she did.

The meeting with the mand ended up in disaster for Käthe, as the very night she layed with him, she also came to loose her life.
The man were no man, but a vampire and he had been rough and abusive towards her nearly draining her from all her blood as well, but as he were about to leave she grabbed his coat with a faked courage and told him to pay her. Vampire or not, she were not going to let him just walk away like that.
But he only laughed at her, seeing her patethic struggle as something amusing.
He then told her that a whore like her weren't worth his money... but.. He were feeling generous and would reward her struggle with something better... More worth than gold.
As he still had a fondness for beauty and she indeed were a beautiful woman he would help her preserve that beauty as well as unable both sickness and death from ever touching her...
This were an offer she couldn't refuse, or more like didn't even get the chance too as the man closed in on her piercing through her neck with his sharp fangs and the last thing she could remember were him biting into his own wrist forcing her to swallow some of his blood causing her whole body to acche and her world to fade into darkness.
It wasn't until early in the morning that she would wake up as something were burning her, the morning light had come in through a hole in the window, and as it's rays had been dancing over her fair skin it had slowly started to burn her.
She spent the day in that room not leaving until the sun settled, she were in shock..

1891 - 1898

Even if it hadn't been by her own will that she had been turned into a vampire she quickly addapted to it, not willing to give in, but the new hunger had been a struggle in the beginning. She had at first went days witout eating, being frightened of herself. But as she weren't willing to give up on her life she started trying to adapt to her new lifestyle. Which as soon as she got over the 'feeding' problem weren't that hard, she started to earn more money due to the fact that she didn't need food anymore. Instead she would feed on some of the men that came to see her, durring these years she also took the time to learn more about her newfound abilities, and test her limits. But she were feeling lonely...
The dream of a happy family life seemed hopeless as she had also noticed that she had as she recieved these new vampire abilities, she had lost some human ones.. Silver jewerlies burned her skin, and she couldn't enjoy the sun as it would eventually start to burn her skin, leaving burn marks that luckily would fade away eventually But the biggest los of them all were that she no longer had the ability to become a mother.
This was something she would choose to not think about to much but instead enjoy the fact that she never would grow old and her beauty were everlasting. Her confident rose as she started to feel more and more invincible as no man could resist her charm, she were as deadly as she were pretty, men loved her and women envied her. Käthe loved being able to have it her way, and she grew used to it as well which also were one of the reasons to why she couldn't take a no.
One late evening in the year of 1896 she spotted a handsome light-haired man with sharp grey eyes, he weren't as rough looking as many of the other men worn by hardwork.
Apperently he were the son to a small town doctor and her next victim if so be for feeding or just having a good time, he wouldn't even need to pay for it.
Giggling at her own thoughts she went after him.. Only to get turned down.
The man scoffed at her advances towards her and did not seem interested in her at all...
-"I have no intrest or time to spend on a whore like you" was what he told her, which made her fume, that's when she decided that no matter what she would get her hands on him, which caused her to do something she hadn't done before.
To actually hunt him.
Usually her victims would come to her, but now... She would come to 


Soon to come
  • Käthe were born the 1th of August in 1859's Germany.
    • Her 'real' mother had actually died in Childbirth.
  • Käthe have had miscarriage twice in her human life.
  • She is the maker of Malik, and at one point in her life she did love him.
  • Käthe has a really high Libido.