Rin and Raiden



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HomeworldRookery Earth / Nexus parent
ParentsMother: Ruby, Father: Shy
PowersTelepathy (invasive)
Teleportation (short)
Mental Illusions (strong)
Genetic Sense/Manip (minor)
Telepathy (invasive)
Teleportation (dimensional)
Genetic Engineering (human)
Genetic Sense/Manip (animal)
ClustersMindfuck +2Genefuck +2
SkillsKnow Stuff About You +3
Perfect Recordkeeping +2
Chat You Up +1
Investigate Leads +3
Animals Are Partners +2
Be Androgynous +1
KnacksSing Disturbingly Sweet +1
Collects Pets +1
Dressed Flawlessly +1
Distinctly Evil Aura +1
1Nexus Geohistory / T.Kshau / PassingAdvanced Stats / A.Vale / Decent
2Genetic Engineering / Paveh / ExcellentFur-Side Issues / Rayne / Excellent
3Illusions&Charms / L.Stonefist / SuperbAnimal Theory-Genes / Shy / Superb
4Adv. Interrogation / V.Sanger / SuperbModeling / Heddi / Excellent
5Semi-Pro Massage / Zoeller / ExcellentGrooming For Success / Lane / Decent
6Advanced Stats / A.Vale / DecentEpic Poetry / Rayne / Passing
7Tehnical Writing / Wheeler / SuperbVet Tech / S.Marad / Excellent
8Tea Ceremony / McPanda / DecentMultiplanar History / Prescott / Passing
DragonInaras ThainAegeria
FromCarramba/Nexus Hallowed Silk
PetsNo, they're for her brotherStop touching that.


They are "nuts". Anyone with the genetic connection to Shy of the Vella Crean can be said to have at least a little crazy in them. In this case, a lot crazy. But it's subtle. They're not all up in your face about their crazy. Oh no. That would be crass. Mentioning Raiden's habit of producing half-animal offspring - also crass. Probably get you killed. Or worse, bred to him.

To be fair, Ruby did not actually bear either of these children to her partner Shy. They were whipped up in Aperture's lab, Shy making comments as GLaDOS mixed and matched the pair's genetics. Shy definitely likes them, Ruby is proud to say that she's their mother - at least in a way. That cruel streak of hers? The one she got from 'both sides' of her family? It continued on in Rin and Raiden very strongly indeed.

Both of them are remarkably precise, physically as well as verbally. GLaDOS taught Rin many unusual lullabies. Shy offered his hand at genetic engineering. No one really gave them instructions on how not to be completely scary.

They are tolerated-at-best in the Healing Den's halls, but both of them have appeared around any given Rookery or even Protectorate location at will. One place they both tend to linger is in the damp Rapture labs, though what they're brewing up in there is beyond even Melissa and Rhea's ken.


In the long run, these two threw in with their sire and helped him produce some truly incredible dragons. Not just with the donation of genetics from the dragons they'd bonded and brought along on journeys, but with their own. The Sword and Shield dragons bear traits directly from these two pairs, and are fabulous as well.

*** Added 6.14.21

"That could have gone better," Rin commented quietly, watching recordings of the disastrous hatching that they missed thanks only to attending another event off world. "I do wish I could have been there to see it though."

"That's only because you want to listen in to their screams," Raiden said, though he too was watching the video intensely. 

He wasn't wrong. But still, they both picked apart the tableau from start to finish, numerous times 


DragonRin's Dragon
Name: Inaras Thain (Hittite intoxication deity, slayer)
Gender: Female
Size/Shoulder/Length: Medium-Large 12' s / 50' l / 80' ws
Colors: 2-color body in rich green and dark red with contrast belly, shoulder and hip marks, face mask, and striped/flame leg markings; wingsails and neck crest mottled dark red-crimson; horns dark red; claws and stinger ivory; eyes bright red with crimson sclera
Features: Nexus mutt with features from parents* - quadruped, dull hide skin, 2 fingered leathery wings, stinger tail, back swept long straight upturned horns, smooth face, short neck crest, thick claws, long tongue, bling *-may inherit different feature if mixed with another type
Powers: Winged Flight, Teleport (Void-based), Telepathic, Healing, Acid Breath, Magic Breath, Naughty/Nice
Parentage: Mother Green Black Zulain, Father Black Red Marquisth Extensive histories on both dragons sides; siblings include Aeshma Thain and Teshova Thain
Other Info: Named appropriately, her ability with acids and poisons is notorious and welcome in the lab... though a bit much for any given party. It's wise to avoid drinking around her, because her magic will affect any drinks nearby

DragonRaiden's Dragon
Name: Aegeria ve Vanwanar of the line of Perun (holy healing)
Gender: Female
Size/Shoulder/Length: Medium-Large 12'10" s / 70' l / 120' ws
Colors: body purple with white zappies, wingsails crimson with yellow ventral zaps, mane white, horns and claws pale grey, eyes steel and grey
Features: Nexus mutt* may change with partner, scaled skin, tendril-touched mane; strong legs fore shorter, 4 large claws thumbs fore dactyl hind; two large leathery wings with one visible finger 3 internal, massive wrist claw; jaw horns, two large upswept horns, tail spikes and spade
Powers: Winged Flight
Electric Teleport 3, Teleport 4
Verbal Speech 4 Telepathy 6
Immortality 6
Holy Magic 6, Healing Magic 6
Electric Breath 5
Parentage: Mother Anira, father Perun siblings include Louhi, Darzalas, **
Other Info: If something goes wrong in the lab, Aegeria just... fixes it. And that 'holy' magic of hers is mainly in the form of 'smiting the fuck out of enemies', so stay on her good side for fuck's sake.