A. Valentine



2 years, 11 months ago


August 23rd
157 [as of 1934]
Age at date of death
29 [in 1806]
Sun Sign
Bartender/Bar owner

A. Valentine

Valentine's profile is a WIP!

Contains mild NSFW/dark content

“Ugh, you’ve got the curtains closed on a night like this? How romantic.” -Valentine

Valentine’s human life is long forgotten---as if it never existed at all. To him, there is only the way he is now, and he does not view the life he had before becoming a vampire as “his life”. He died at the age of 29 in 1806. The where, when, and how of it is a topic he refuses to discuss. Any attempts to ask are met with charming dissuations. Any attempts to pry are met with aggression and potential death of those that go looking too far.

He met Kelga in 1853 along the California Trail, where they would become traveling companions. Valentine, interested in Kelga, began a sexual relationship with him and took him on as “blood donor” along the journey.

Under the guise of wishing to marry Kelga, Valentine invited him for a night alone away from the rest of their traveling group near the end of the trip. His intent was to murder Kelga and make off with his family’s assets---claiming that had always been his plan.

When unexpectedly rejected by Kelga, Valentine became upset and killed him. He’d regret the decision immediately and rushed back to where he’d abandoned him to turn him into a vampire. They would stay together, now as mentor and student, and leave behind the rest of their traveling companions to finish out the trip. The two of them would later settle together in the newly founded Sacramento City.

Eventually, they’d move to San Francisco, where Valentine would establish a speciality bar and blood packing business---the legality of which is questionable.

Arrogant, casual, and charming (to those that don’t know him already), Valentine considers himself a man of “finer tastes”. Not one for boundaries, he has a habit of inserting himself into the business and personal affairs of others. He comes off as confident and elegant in most situations, but is also known to flip to vulgarities when frustrated or alone with people that know him best. The suave Valentine is more of a display to get what he wants, while his true self are the vulgar, nosy, and more relaxed parts of him.

Regardless of whichever way he’s acting, he considers himself a people person, and finds himself happily among people he calls friends. Although some are better at tolerating his flip flopping behavior than others…

While he does truly care about certain people, people that make an enemy of him would be quick to label him as heartless. Much as he was with Kelga long ago, he is not opposed to violence or murder if he thinks he can get away with it---and he’s not often as sentimental or regretful the way he was with Kelga.

“That was a mistake. I’m anything but common society.”


  • ???[WIP]


  • Valentine’s day
  • Fine jewelry and expensive “luxury items”
  • Fresh and prepackaged blood
  • Walks


  • Eggs
  • Being called by his first name
  • The month of August
  • Fortune telling/divination


  • Instability [financial]


  • His full name is August Valentine. Although Valentine is his last name, he refuses to introduce himself as anything else. As far as he’s concerned, it is his first name. When referred to by his first name, he becomes incredibly upset---varying from catty to outright violence depending on the person he’s talking to. He refuses to discuss the topic, simplifying it down to hating the month and being too “charming” to not go by Valentine.

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