Monetization Man



2 years, 9 months ago

Basic Info

Age 🎂


Birthday 📆

18th December

Zodiac ✨


Personality 🎭

Prideful, Heroic & Loyal!

Occupation 💼

Sponsored Superhero

Likes 💕

Justice, Money & Skyscrapers

Dislikes 🗑️

Newspapers, Dogs & Pigeons



Monetization Man is a character of ours at Super Sellout from us at Whales And Games!

With his incredible sense of justice and wanting to help others, Monetization Man jumped into the superhero scene to help fight crime and bring peace to all! Unfortunately, he quickly realizes that super-strength, night invulnerability and helping people pro-bono all the time didn't cover the bills alone.

As such, and thanks to his new board of sponsors, he has set shame aside and took as many sponsorships as possible, with promoting extra-special deals added to his list of duties! He's a super-hero that fights crime while promoting brands and capitalism!

He protects the innocent, fights for justice, and showcases product placement all over the place (including himself)! As long as there's grandmas in troubles, criminals to apprehend and flyers to deliver, Monetization Man will not rest!

Monetization Man loves justice and his sense of such, can't turn down a nicely-rounded amount of money, and loves fighting a top of skyscrapers (it's hella cool). He dislikes newspapers because they're boring and loitered all-over-the-city, is scared of dogs barking at him, and hates pigeons (they also keep constantly getting in the way)!