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Hi there! Thanks for visiting!

I'm Vincent (he/him) and I am 19 years old.

Please read below if you plan on interacting with me or my ocs!


- I tend to make characters partially (or fully) based on my current interests! if you are sensitive to The Expanse, Borderlands (particularly Borderlands 3), nuclear power and weapons, Marble Hornets, and/or Super Paper Mario, then please proceed with caution <3

-Don't ask for my discord unless you're a repeat customer or we're homies. I have a lot of anxiety around most discord dms <3 Being pushy about this will get you blocked

-Some of my characters have NSFW art on their profiles. I am very conscious about keeping these things separate from their usual galleries and all explicit NSFW or nude artwork will be stored in a separate mature tab with its own warning.

-If you repeatedly trade my designs or characters shortly after receiving them (within a month) I will graylist you - You will no longer be able to acquire characters directly from me. This will be kept private, but you will be able to ask if you're on it, and you will only be removed if I am reasonably certain that it will not happen again.

-PLEASE, GOD, PLEASE DO NOT ASK TO BE PUT ON A PING LIST FOR CHARACTERS THAT ARE NOT LISTED AS UFO/UFT/EO/etc. I am very attached to my ocs and when I get comments like these it makes me very very uncomfortable. Favourite the character and check back later or sub so you can see when or if I list a character as ufo


- under 15, unless I interact first (strictly for art trades, I will NOT be making friends with anyone under this age)

- homophobic/transphobic or "gender critical"/transmedical/TERF/etc.


Please read my TOS!



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