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Before you enter!

  • Many of my characters deal with themes of murder, violence, depression, and other mental illnesses. Caution should be taken if you're sensitive to any of these things.
  • Any theft of my characters and designs, including copying my designs, claiming my designs or characters as your own, or any other violations of my intellectual property, will NOT be tolerated.
  • Art that I've drawn MUST be credited, whether to my DeviantArt or here. I will comment if I notice an improperly credited piece of art, and if credit is not made, it will be considered art theft.
  • Please use they/them pronouns. I also use neopronouns, if you want those, pm me. I will operate on a three-strike basis and multiple misgenderings will result in a blacklist and block.
  • Unless a character is specifically marked as UFT/UFS, please don't offer on them, unless you're literally offering 1mil CAD and your soul >:(

Sorry to sound like a downer here! I consider myself pretty chill and I'm happy to chat if you send me a pm, but I'm pretty strict about my boundaries!

A final note; I often make NO sense so please if you're confused by anything I say just lemme know and I'll do my best to clarify!!! It's usually because, at the time of writing the message, my anxiety flares up a lot, and I don't really think clearly when I'm nervous so my intentions come out jumbled up and nonsensical. I'm a wreck

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