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she/her, gender neutral language. doesn't care to officially label her gender.

art fight page.

  • Appearance
    • amputated right arm (born without it).
    • dark blue fur with dark brown eyes in wolf form.
    • dark brown eyes + hair in human form. wears a huge cloak that's the same color as her wolf fur.
    • pretty short, especially compared to her friends, but is about average for people in her home town.
    • hair is windswept in her main image, but her hair should always be short and shaggy.
    • on the muscular side.
    • (repeating because people keep forgetting): amputated right arm.
  • Personality
    • takes her role as the town guardian seriously.
    • bored by politics and people who beat around the bush to be respectable.  will respect you more if you just tell her your demands.  likely still won't comply with them, but she won't completely humiliate you in a fight afterwards.
    • not a character to bother about her appearance.
    • she'll clean up as needed, but she doesn't go out of her way to conform to gender expectations.
    • not necessarily the voice of reason, but she is good at cutting through when social norms and expectations obfuscate the heart of a matter.
  • Family / Environment
    • grew up in a seaside valley. cold enough that icebergs regularly amble near the coastline.
    • lots of snowy hills, pine trees, and lavender.
    • short days and long nights.
    • mother died, has no memories of her.
    • raised by her father, Beowulf, who taught her to fight as both a human and a wolf.
    • her father was a serious, honorable man. died some time after her childhood.
    • reading her mother's diary, Wolfgang learned that she was excited to have a daughter.  Wolfgang began to wonder if her mother would've been excited about a queer / gender-noncomforming one...  But Beowulf set her straight.
    • "If your mother ever banished you from her heart, I would banish her from mine.  You are my child, no matter what you are."
    • Has a friend who was severely nagged for not being 100% ultra feminine, which is where those worries developed.  The friend lives with Wolfgang now, and is figuring out their own gender stuff.
    • Has another friend off at college to become a knight.  His boyfriend is the prince, but he doesn't know it yet.  She figured it out the moment she read about him in his letters.  The prince is never going to tell him, and the knight is never going to figure it out.  She's focusing on her GNC friend for now, but she's going to kick the prince's ass if he doesn't fucking tell him. Honestly e_e!  The knight is a working class boy from a small town and the prince is used to being guarded all the time.  The knight doesn't even know the prince is in love with him yet.  He thinks the prince is just messing around, as usual.  This is why Wolfgang stays out of politics.  The real political game is dealing with all her friends.