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Nickname(s) None yet
Pronouns she/her
Height ~25 cm / ~10 in
Gender tba
Caretaker None (Rogue)
World Lingua
Theme Song Life is a Highway
Masterlist WHIFF #126

Drawing Notes

  • Reference Sheet
  • Hibiscus flowers float around her body, mainly around her torso
  • Usually wears some kind of clothing, pick one from her ref or design a new one. Favors comfy clothes or clothes matching her scent (Tropical and/or Twilight themes)
  • Lop bunny-like, so her ears will always be down


Tilly tries her best to maintain an optimistic outlook on day-to-day matters. She tries to live lightly, enjoy things, socialize, and help out where she can.

Traveling Environmentalist

Even though Tilly views her life as a never-ending vacation, it would be more accurate to call it a travelling profession. She keeps herself busy as she can helping out with various ecological and environmental organizations -- anything from posting flyers for fundraisers to planting seeds.


One thing she loves is different clothes. She naturally runs cold so needs something, even if it's just a tshirt! But she also just likes soft things. She likes trying on all kinds of different clothes, but don't expect her to wear it again if it's not comfortable. Comfort is a priority, but themes that relate to her scent are also nice! If she doesn't like it, don't be surpised to find her upcycling it into something new!

Life is an endless vacation

Tilly travels from place to place, considering her life an endless vacation. So she gets to sleep in every day :). She likes warm weather the most, and especially places where plants and animals remain. She's heard of a haven somewhere on Lingua where life still flourishes, hidden away from the greed of those Linguans who drove the planet to its current state. She would love to find it, and perhaps settle there for good, but she had yet to obtain any real information about it.

The state of the planet

Though Tilly tries to make the most of her life, she can't help but be troubled by the fate of Lingua and its inhabitants. The dreary state of the planet, with such little wildlife remaining, saddens her. Sometimes, despite her best efforts, she can't help but be overtaken by these worrisome thoughts.







[ friend ]

Devishi can't travel as much as Tilly, but also loves doing so. The two like to discuss trip ideas, and especially about the fabled natural haven untouched by man. Tilly tries to visit Devishi in between travels as often as possible.



[ relationship ]

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