5 years, 5 months ago


  • Vesper (vES-spə)
  • Non-binary (any pn)
  • 5'9 / 6ft
  • Hybrid (canid)*
  •  $120CAD


[ Stubborn • Cautious • Warm hearted

Normally a soft spoken person who's occasionally snippy impatience clashes with their emotionally sensitive self. Causing emotional havoc internally  as they strongly prefer working out problems in a peaceful way.

Even when truly tick off Vesper is more bark than bite, as confrontation is frighting for them especially  whenever other individual(s) become passive-aggressive in any way. Although Vesper has reclaimed past lost confidence they're still shy and hesitant whenever interacting with someone unfamiliar. (wIp)

"I'm like a tree. My leaves might change colour, but my roots are the same."

Design Notes

  • Type of horns/antlers they have is up to you!
    • lil' numbs, pine cone shaped, or long slender horns.
  • Has double set of eyes! Second is couple inches below the first, and can open/close separately.
  • Ears can stay bent to the side or flopped over their forehead.
    • any earring (stud, ring or cuff) Is expected.
  • *Anatomy Is based off of a Kunming Wolfdog and Swiss Shepherd mix.
    • Back legs are either Roe Deer or Bird anatomy based.
  • Collar with bell is optional! Has little tassels or silver orbs attached to bottom rim.
  • Switches between normal dog, bird dog and noodle from but can shift into other spices.
  • Quite a few of the markings contain gradient; mainly back/sides and where lighter/darker colours meet.
  • ! Pink stripe along front of nose and lil' dot on left side.


  • Could keep their head stuck in a book that grabbed their attention for days.
  • Favourite times of day are shortly after dawn and evening to late twilight. Finds those times the most soothing and beautiful.
    • Discovered that their phone is better at good quality photos than their actually Sony camera. Indulges in causal photography whenever a opportunity for it arises.
  • Is almost possible to be bribed with food almost always....almost.
  • Prefers the cold as Ves' can easily bundle up and warm up if once moving.
    • can and will melt at any where above 18C 
  • Clothing examples: 1 . 2 . 3
  • Theme Song(s) :