Manari Sue



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Manari Sue
  • Age 23
  • Gender Female (she/her)
  • Birthday 30 September 2021
  • Nationality We'll assume French
  • MBTI ISTP – “The Operator”
  • Alignment Chaotic Good - “The Rebel”
  • Occupation NEET
  • religious beliefs Agnostic Atheist
  • Handedness Right-handed
  • Orientation Bi
  • Music Playlist


“I want to bring knowledge in this ignorant world.”
❝ Quand j’étais au collège, mon père nous faisait bosser sur des ordis avec Windows 10. Tu te rends compte ? C’est comme si la salle info était bloquée dans les années 10 ! ❞
― Manari Sue

A clumsy nerd living alone in a little flat that she has turned into her personal lab. Self-proclaiming herself as the Professor Sue, her main subject of research is a friendly alien species: the Zinuts.

Manari, at first sight, is a stereotypical NEET, living alone in a small flat in the town of Hijacque-les-Bois. Manari loves video games, especially indie and retro ones, as well as mecha anime. She lives off junk food, especially pizza, cup ramen and popcorn. Still, being the epitome of an ectomorph, she never gains weight. Some people even wrongly assumed she was anorexic. Moreover, she finds coffee disgusting, so she only drinks soda and hot chocolate; she fears of being seen as immature because of it. Her skin is super white because she never goes outside. She is also always seen wearing long sleeves and pants around people, because she doesn't shave.
Gifted when it comes to learning languages and cold hard facts, Manari however has trouble fitting in society. Too focused on her own stuff to try to understand why, she is pretty happy with her current lifestyle.

Manari is also pretty optimistic and tend to get crushes easily. This includes the local pizza delivery guy from Pizza Yolo, and an intangible, red-haired mecha-loving waifu. Her number of notable relationships until now? Well, there’s one. Professor Werther, a German inventor who is now famous for creating a time-traveling machine… and disappearing under unknown circumstances.

Manari has an older brother: Moroni, the rich and popular mayor of the town of Hijacque-les-Bois. Basically, he's the polar opposite of his sister, who's more socially awkward than anything.
Their relationship is pretty fine, except for the fact he likes to make fun of her weird interests during family gatherings. He also gives her money and other presents to "help" her, such as the inspirational biography of a successful man... Even if Manari knows that her brother gives her money to buy proper food, she actually prefers to use it on "interesting things she can keep", such as video games and anime goodies.

The events of Flying Popcorn obviously messed up with Manari’s routine. When Sezunel and Norith knocked at her door, Manari welcomed them. The reason is obvious: how could her miss such an opportunity to do research on angels and demons?
Manari's is also pretty computer savvy and quite good at programming thanks to her father’s education. With the help of Queen Abécée's people, she has successfully created the robots she has always dreamt of, named Metatron and Sandalphon. Fascinated by the Zinut's alien culture, she also has learnt their language and has later written a French-Zinut/Zinut-French dictionary.
Oh, and there’s Pureen, too. A real, tangible, living tsundere waifu. Moroni would be so happy to learn she has finally found one… if only she wasn’t a witch!
Pretty curious and open-minded, she has an overall good relationship with any non-human being she comes across. Except for animals.

She will succeed. She will become famous and loved. She will get the girl and teach her brother a lesson. The blessing that her name holds ensures her to.

For more details about Manari's relationships with other characters, please see this page.


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